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Teen Kitchen Project

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I’ve been SIPing for over two weeks — no not wine, sheltering in place. I ran out of wine days ago! I’m adhering to the recommended guidelines of self-isolation, social distancing, and minimal contact with other people.

I got a message from Lisa, the Senior Services Director of my senior apartment complex asking if I wanted food from the Teen Kitchen Project.

Teen Kitchen Project? Never heard of it.

I answered immediately, “Sure!” thinking it would be fun to get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or maybe a tuna on white bread, which I would never make myself ’cause mostly I don’t eat bread.

I expected that she would ring the doorbell and I would find the food outside my front door. The doorbell rang. I popped up from my sofa where I was happily needlepointing my grandson’s Christmas stocking and raced for the door. I was so fast my “Delivery Angel,” Lisa was still in sight. She was, in fact, six feet away when she heard the door open. She flashed a megawatt smile over her shoulder and waggled her eyebrows. My eyes went wide as I saw the tower of goodies she had placed outside my door.

Holy Cow! There was a veritable feast for a week in the package — everything from Carrot Ginger soup to a dessert called Berry Delight. I dove into the Greek Salad with Feta. Yes! I had been craving a salad with feta. The sheer joy of it all filled my heart with gratitude.

And then I saw the paper that was tucked into the bag explaining the mission of Teen Kitchen Project. Please read about it here:

My hat’s off to the Teen Angels who do this. Huge thanks to Amanda, Angela, Antonia, Dan, Eileen, John, Rachel, Skyler, Stephany, and Yesenia. You have brightened the day of a senior who has been vigilant about the shelter-in-place edict. You have made a difference and brought smiles to all who you have touched.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

11 thoughts on “Teen Kitchen Project

  1. Wonderful organization and project. Loved your story and that certainly was a barrow load of food! Enjoy. Contributed. These are the people you want to support.


  2. What a great gift these teens are giving the community. Just look at the joy one delivery gave to just one person! Thank you for bringing awareness of this organization to all your readers.


  3. what a wonderful thing to both give and receive. So glad you are staying and, I hope, finishing at least one of your bloody books!


  4. This is the kind of initiative that just warms my heart. And knowing someone who was a direct recipient of this kindness makes me feel wonderful about supporting them. I love the “yutes” (as in My Cousin Vinnie!) as you well know.
    Hugs to you BG2!


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