Birthday Antics!


Where am I? In the Caribbean sitting in Kenny Chesney’s famous Old Blue Chair on Cinnamon Bay in the Virgin Islands?

Nope! Lake Havasu City, Arizona. You can tell by seeing the London Bridge in the background, of course. 

This was our before-and-after-stop on the evening Birthday Cruise with Captain Kevin who moonlights from his regular job as a Lake Havasu Firefighter. I asked him if, in addition to his talent as a boat captain, he was in the latest Firefighter Calendar. He grinned, cocked his head, and said, “No, they don’t take old geezers like me.” I beg to differ. 

This was a luxury boat with only six white plush passenger seats. The tour was arranged by my spectacular birthday host, Linda, and enhanced by my personal tour guide, Elaine, who casually mentioned there was a bathroom on the boat as we boarded from the dock. I glanced over the vessel, and thought, Yeah, right, bathroom. Ha! I’ve been on my share of boats and there’s no head on this one.

Boy, was I mistaken! When Captain Kevin gave us the orientation tour he pointed toward the back of the boat and told us about the head. A couple of hours into the spectacular tour, and after many glasses of birthday bubbly, I thought perhaps that head would come in real handy. Captain Kevin responded to my request to use it with a chuckle. “Sure, go to the very back of the boat, drop your pants, and sling your butt over the side. We won’t look.” 

I snapped my head toward him with a dropped jaw, raised eyebrows. and big eyes.

He laughed and said, “Just kidding! I’ll get it ready.”

And with that, like a prestidigitator, he flicked some buttons and latches and up popped CJHeada  blue tent-like device. And there it was! I always like to mark birthdays with a never-before-done event, such as bungee jumping off a rusty bridge, or getting into a boxing ring as a Playboy Bunny ring girl. I’m glad I didn’t have to resort to dancing on the bar of the Blue Chair—I peed in the head of the “Serenity Now.” Yeah, that was the name of the boat. Seinfeld was playing in my head as we boarded. When I came out, mission accomplished, I got a round of applause from my fellow passengers. Worth it right there on the twenty-second anniversary of my fiftieth birthday—new experience…check!

Along the way, we saw spectacular scenery, with the landmarks accented by the dramatic lighting of the Arizona sunset. I never knew how much water scenery existed in the landlocked state until I got on the lake with knowledgeable people who enriched my life tremendously.


The return trip back to the dock was so peaceful, I asked if we could all sing “Kumbayah.” A nice, conservative lady in the front turned to me and said, with a smile, “I didn’t believe your age until now. We’re not singing that!”

As I took in the sights on the way back, I quietly thanked my lucky stars I was blessed with such a fabulous experience and the best gift of all—the loving friends I have in my life.

Thank you all and Happy Birthday to me! I think I’ll buy myself a birthday present from the Firefighter Calendar store and look for Captain Kevin. I’m certain he’s there, no matter what he said.




16 thoughts on “Birthday Antics!

  1. You caught us in bed having our coffee..cannot wait to read another one of your wonderful stories! Good morning!




  2. Another BLESSED YEAR! Happy Birthday to you Carole! Your positive attitude and Chardonnay have added excitement and years to your blessed life. Keep embracing it all my friend. It is exciting to watch as you share your journey. Love you!


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