Laptop With Your Coffee?





It happened. Yes, the unthinkable. It was 4:38 a.m. and I was tossing and turning. Might as well get up and write. Mmmmm, a nice cup of my favorite Dark Roast sounds good. My regular flamingo mug was nowhere in sight so I grabbed the tall mug with the cute dogs on it. I’m blaming the whole thing on the dogs. That mug is a good two inches higher than the flamingo which is my normal morning mug. Which is the reason I knocked it over shortly after sitting down to my laptop. My mind went to slow-motion as I watched in horror as the steaming brew washed over my keyboard.

I grabbed it as quickly as I could and turned it upside down to drain on the carpeted floor of my walk-in closet which doubles as my office. I thought I stood a chance of saving it. I immediately unplugged it and brought it to the kitchen where I set it on a towel while I retrieved the hairdryer thinking I could blast it before it fried my hard drive. Then I grabbed my iPhone and looked up spilled coffee on my laptop. I knew I wasn’t the first to do this. Sure enough, there were several postings with advice. I had removed the power cord and battery which everybody said to do. Bottom line…I was screwed.

As soon as the clock struck ten I gathered up the dead soldier and tenderly placed it in it’s fraying case. It had been pointed out to me that it was ripped and ragged and may be time for a new case. Well, I did one better – got a whole new laptop. Had to. The Geek Squad pulled out the still-dripping hard drive and gently told me they couldn’t retrieve the information because it was wet and might damage their equipment. I took it home anyway. Surely there must be a way to access it once it dries?

As I exited the store with an empty computer case slung over my shoulder I felt like I was leaving without my child. In my trancelike state, I walked out the door and instead of turning left to my car, I turned right where Safeway’s cookie shelf was calling me. If they had Pinwheels, I was getting them. Not only that, I was going to rip the package open right in the store and devour one or two before I even paid for them.


Fortunately, I have a printed copy of the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo. And that was by sheer chance. I’d wanted to print an excerpt to read at the NaNo wrap-up party and the entire manuscript printed by mistake. I can edit as I re-type so it won’t be a complete waste of time. Yeah, that’s it.

Oh, and there’s more good news: Best Buy let me finance my purchase at zero interest for one year. I had just switched my internet service to AT&T for a special senior citizen deal! Only ten bucks a month as opposed to Spectrum’s seventy. Hey, even with the monthly payments, I’m ahead of the game. Whoo hoo!

I’m now the proud owner of a cute little 14″ HP laptop which will serve me well. It’s much faster than the old one and has a longer battery life. I’m planning to invest in a sippy cup for my coffee. Brenda, then Geek Squad techie who helped set up the new laptop was sympathetic and tried to console me by saying, “You wouldn’t believe how many people bring their laptops in and lie about spilling stuff on them. We turn ’em upside down and liquid starts running out. They act surprised like they didn’t do it…like someone came in while they were sleeping and poured something on it. Yeah, right! You need one of those mugs that’s weighted at the bottom so it can’t be knocked over.”

She’s right about that. If only I had stuck with the flamingo. Blame it on the dogs.


21 thoughts on “Laptop With Your Coffee?

  1. Adult sippy cups! Now there’s an idea! With ever lie in the world, that applies, printed on them. From the sales lady’s story, there would seem to be quite a market out there!!!!

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  2. You have the world’s best attitude which continues to serve you well. Not to mention the quirk in your printer that made it possible to have the manuscript. Imagine having to do all that again! Enjoy your new computer…and don’t forget to get that sippy cup!


  3. Believe it or not, I did exactly the same thing last week – was painting at my desk and the whole quart of paint water when whooshing over the keyboard. Upside down, shake, kleenex, hair dryer. All is okay! But would I think to write about it? Never. Well done girl friend and congratulations on the new lap top. All clouds have that silver lining, right?


  4. I love your writing and your blogs— but OMG I am so sorry that all happened to you.
    Thank heavens you bought the PinWheels….. Yes — Universe is telling you to
    Slow down…
    I NEVER eat or drink near my Iphone or computer. Lessons learned.


  5. Oh my lovely friend I felt your pain as I read this because the same thing happened to me! I spilled iced water on mine though. A whole, huge glass. I was lucky that a little of my hard drive was able to be salvaged. Not worth the $300 bucks I paid because my work-in-progress novel was gone. Gone girl, gone!
    I bought another computer and learned the hard wet way ti invest in carbonite. It has saved my life often. Because I spilled water on the second laptop too. I am much more careful now but I really do advise to get carbonite which does automatic back ups in the clouds for you. It’s been fantastic for me. I am so sorry this happened to you, flamingo girl. Take care out there with coffee, dogs, and oh, by the way, you have excellent taste in cookies! xo


  6. A horror story with a happy ending … keep writing my dear you are terrific. And send me/us a synopsis of the novel you wrote for NaNoWriMo …


  7. Now you need to meet “The Cloud” and save the novels there. No more accidents and you can retrieve from any device. Open and account for green in Microsoft Onedrive with 15 gegas of storage..


    On Sun, Jan 13, 2019, 3:42 PM Carole Jean’s Capers CaroleJean’ posted: ” It happened. Yes, the > unthinkable. It was 4:38 a.m. and I was tossing and turning. Might as well > get up and write. Mmmmm, a nice cup of my favorite Dark Roast sounds good. > My regular flamingo mug was nowhere in sight so I grabbed” >


  8. Hi Carole! I’m Geiner Umaña firefighter in Atenas, I’m the man who talked with you when you visited the fire Station some years ago after a fire in Roca Verde.
    I would like to have your email for write to you. Please. Thank you.


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