Yikes! Wrapping Paper, Too?

Save the funny papers! Save the newspapers. Hell, save the butcher papers. I wonder if there is plastic in the pages of the New Yorker? I can’t keep up with my subscription to New Yorker magazine. I might as well use those unread copies for wrapping. 

I was horrified to learn some facts about the shiny, festive wrapping papers and ribbons. Kate Bratskeir of Huffington Post shed the light when she wrote:

It’s Officially Time To Ban Gift-Wrapping Paper

Most wrapping paper for presents can’t be recycled. It’s bound for the landfill.



No amount of say it isn’t so will change it. Soooo, I will have to change—and maybe you, too, dear reader. It’s time, officially, if you are a HuffPost fan, as I am. I didn’t know about the thin layer of plastic coating the inside of wrapping paper rendering it unrecyclable. Same with the filaments in the metallic designs. Ooohhh, I love the shiny things. But. I will have to get my shiny fix elsewhere from now on. 

I am thrilled to know that some of my readers actually pay attention and take action! After reading The Austerity Program, my beautiful and talented goddaughter, Marisa, got me the perfect Christmas gift—reusable waxed cotton food wraps to replace plastic wrap. I’m thrilled!

In case you missed it:  https://caroleconnolly.wordpress.com/2018/12/22/the-austerity-program/

I promise to get off my soapbox. The other day I was at Capitola Produce buying broccoli. I needed five pounds to make the world-famous broccoli ring for Christmas dinner. I grabbed half-a-dozen beautiful crowns that looked to be about the right amount and scanned the store for the hanging scale that I had seen there on previous visits. As my head bobbed in every direction looking for it, the only other shopper in the store at the time tore a plastic bag from the roller, smiled, and thrust it in my direction.

“Here you go,” she bubbled. “Looking for a plastic bag?”

“No! I’m against them! They’re killing our birds and fish,” I said a bit too sharply. “Didn’t you see the 60 Minutes segment? It’s just awful.”

The smile vanished from her face as she backed away slowly and I realized I had ambushed her as she was trying to do something nice. I might as well have been wearing a sandwich board reading,  Repent! The End is Near. I caught myself, smoothed my ruffled feathers, and started to apologize but the nice lady had already skedaddled and was frantically throwing cash on the checkout counter as the cashier weighed her plastic-bagged carrots. 

I tossed my five pounds of broccoli into my reusable canvas bag and vowed to button my lip in the future and just quietly lead by example, not spew fevered rants at unsuspecting strangers. 

New Year’s Resolution? No, not lose ten pounds (which I vow every year), but to be mindful and raise consciousness about the plastic problem. Please join me.

Happy New Year!



13 thoughts on “Yikes! Wrapping Paper, Too?

  1. All good stuff. I remember my mother used to make me use brown paper bags or newspaper to wrap gifts. I should start again! Maybe a little blog about the lone chicken, lol lol Happy New year my Sweet.



  2. Opened my daughter’s fridge and there was this stiff looking green thing covering a bowl. “Its wax” she said and I shamefully realized I am still using shrink wrap to cover open dishes in the fridge. Why? Because I can never ever find the right lids for their matching bottoms. I have to devote an afternoon to playing match-up and then I vow never to put a container in drawer without its top. I break that rule every time. But no christmas paper? Well, I guess there is always tissue … but no shiny ribbons?


  3. I have and been happily unplastic for a couple of years . Although, sometimes plastic still invades in unsuspecting ways. 😦

    Shirley DePlonty 250-307-0763



  4. Well girlfriend…we’re not totally on the same page on this issue. I don’t follow Huffington Post nor am I willing to totally give up plastic…nor am I a huge environmentalist. (This should make your other friends go nuts). However, I seldom wrap gifts in wrapping paper. I am a believer in reusing things. So I have many decorative boxes which we use over and over. Giving them back to each other with whatever gifts we have.


    • Geni, my lovely friend! I agree! I reuse all wrapping until it’s shredded. I LIKE your idea of decorative boxes. I will do same! Plastic! ugh. Yes, there we disagree. Watch the 60 Minutes segment, you may feel differently. All the plastic in my home shall stay and get reused and reused! Love you, Beauty!


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