The Dilemma of the Red Boots




The shoe-devil made me do it! It happened in Pasadena. This was before the Austerity Program, of course. I went to the annual Writer’s Digest Conference at the end of October. I arrived early so what’s a girl to do? Go shopping!

I walked from the Westin to the main drag to kill a couple of hours and the first thing I saw was the DSW Shoe Outlet. I made a beeline for the entrance and on flinging open the door I was hit with an escalator instead of the racks of shoes I expected. Escalator?! How fun. I was immediately transported to the airport or Macy’s. You just don’t expect to walk onto an escalator downtown Pasadena. 

I hopped on, day-dreaming about the novel I was going to write for this year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month where you write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days). I was just killing time. Lord knows Carole-Jean did not need any more shoes! I reached the top of the escalator, and carefully stepped off the moving staircase. When I was safely planted I looked up and froze. Music played in my head…Hallelujah! Hallejujah, hallelujah. In a trance, I went directly to the rack that was beckoning. Why did they have to be red?

I picked up the display boot and looked across the aisle where another shoe-shopper was looking at sensible boots. Holding the sample in my hand, I dreamily cooed, “Isn’t this fabulous?”

Her head snapped up, she nodded curtly and said, “Very nice,” as she backed away, turned and walked briskly up the aisle.

I quickly scanned the row of boxes stacked beneath the display. I would leave it to chance. If they had a size seven, it was meant to be. If not, I would just have to live without them. OMG, SEVEN! Should I? No!, walk away. You don’t need them. You have the spectacular turquoise boots Nancy bought you in Carmel. Put them back!

I made a deal with myself. I put the sevens on top of the stack and rushed out of the store. I would sleep on it—if they are still here tomorrow, well, then I have no choice. The sleep-on-it gods will have spoken!

I stormed into class a bit disheveled and breathless. My writing buddy, Dana, was waving her arm in the air to get my attention as she had saved me a seat in the front row for our favorite speaker, James Scott Bell. I plopped down and she raised her eyebrows, cocked her head and said, “Where have you been, young lady? You’re late.”

“Well, I, um…”

Dana pressed her lips into an amused smirk, “Shoe store?”

I took a deep breath and simply nodded. “I didn’t buy anything. But I did see a spectacular pair of red boots.”

“Oh, and the spectacular turquoise ones you’re wearing aren’t good enough?”

“I love them to pieces!” I smiled, then mumbled, “But they don’t go with my outfit for tomorrow. I brought a red top.”

Dana gave me a good-natured eye roll. “Okay, CJ, now focus. Our guy is about to start.”

I woke up the next morning to should I, or shouldn’t I? I sat through the morning sessions trying not to think about it. As lunchtime neared Dana passed me a note, Jenny and I are going to P.F. Chang’s for lunch. You coming?

OOOOhhhh, I love the shrimp in lobster sauce at P.F.Chang’s. I sighed and answered. Go ahead without me. I have some errands to run.

Dana raised her eyebrows, and hummed, “um hmmm.” I grinned in response.

I dashed to DSW. From the top of the escalator, I trained my eyes on the stack. Was the seven on top?! I think so, I think so…I reached for the top box. Seven! Ring it up, sister!

I’m not sure if it’s the boots or the way I strut around in ’em, but…like the snowman’s hat…I sure do dance around as soon as I put them red boots on! 


Grab something fun to wear and strut your stuff!

Merry Christmas to all!







18 thoughts on “The Dilemma of the Red Boots

  1. Fabulous!! You are such a great writer and a fabulously fun lady….. I really admire you and wish you lived over here!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year full of super duper foot wear! Love Penny (Sally’s sister) xx



  2. Having moved up to Aptos from the Pasadena area I am very familiar with the environment and even know which store and PF Changs you’re discussing. Thanks for taking me briefly “home again”!


    On Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 12:28 PM Carole Jean’s Capers wrote:

    > CaroleJean’ posted: ” The shoe-devil made me do > it! It happened in Pasadena. This was before the Austerity Program, of > course. I went to the annual Writer’s Digest Conference at the end of > October. I arrived early so what’s a girl to do? Go shopping! I walke” >


  3. When we met for lunch in Pasadena the next day, and you had those red boots on, they screamed your name!
    We are both on a austerity programs now. 😳😳😳 But I think that was a fabulous purchase!


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