Is Glamping Camping?!





One of my readers playfully suggested that the “Lucas and the girls” trip was not actually camping. How could she say such a thing?! I mean, we pitched a tent and everything. Okay, it was a brand new, state-of-the-art tent with luxury airbeds to go inside, but still, we did have to assemble it – all four of us! We didn’t realize we had an audience until we got a hearty round of applause from our neighbors across the way. The same neighbors who helped us get the brand-new Cougar camping trailer backed into our space and the very same one that helped us get our campfire started that night.

This trip was a mini-reunion of the Costa Rica expat group where Lynn, Lucas, Isa, and I met several years ago. Lynn and Lucas are preparing to retire from their stressful corporate jobs and plan to travel around the USA in their new truck, Big Red, while towing the twenty-eight-foot beast – er, I mean camping trailer to various sites. What better practice run than with the likes of us? 


Lynn, Carole-Jean, and Isa

Isa flew in from New Mexico, I flew in from California, and the happy foursome was united again, ready for a riotous adventure. I had no idea where we were going but it doesn’t matter. Lucas and “the ladies” always have a blast even if it’s just a trip to the supermarket. In this case, we were headed to Stonelick State Park just a couple of hours outside of Columbus, Ohio, for a planned outing with three wild women who were signed up for a kayak race in nearby Cincinnati. 

I knew nothing of Cincinnati except for “WKRP” a scrappy sitcom from the olden days and some chili dish I had heard about called a five-way or some such. Turns out you can get a two, three, four, or five-way! It has to do with condiments, ladies and gentlemen. Who knew? 

Not that we needed any more food on this trip. Isa had a shipment of Omaha meats flown in, I sent a case of our favorite red from Armida, Poizin, and of course, Chefs Lucas and Lynn stocked us with everything under the sun including ingredients for homemade ice cream. Add to that the contributions of the Kayaking trio, Sylvia, Marla, and Carol who brought corn from the Amish store, veggies freshly picked from Marla’s garden, and Carol who made sure the beer supply was ample.


Corn Picture 3-500pix

Isa, Lucas, Carole-Jean, and Lynn

So back to the question – did we go camping? I say yes! And so does Marla, in her tiara. If this is how the Ohio girls camp, count me in – even if it is Glamping, not Camping. See you next year.

4 thoughts on “Is Glamping Camping?!

  1. I was salivating while viewing that table of food and all those happy faces enjoying the corn and such! The weather looks great too.
    See you when you return.


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