Cheesecake – New York Style!





Junior’s. If you say that to a New Yorker, most likely, cheesecake springs to mind! The original Junior’s is in Brooklyn, New York and opened in 1950. I can still see Bonnie, my childhood friend’s eyes get large at the mere mention of Junior’s. She always got blueberry and I got cherry. It was heavenly.

When my friend Jan’s birthday came up I offered to make her a cake. I expected her to choose chocolate or carrot, two of my specialties. When she said cheesecake I got excited and squealed, “Piña Colada!”


I quietly said, “New York?”

She smiled over the phone, “Yes.”

New York style sounds simple, but it’s not – not if you want an authentic one. Buying one from Trader Joe’s, destroying the packaging and putting it on a plate occurred to me. Nope. Couldn’t do it.

So I Googled Junior’s Cheesecake. Hmmm, I could have one flown in. But, not only would that bust my budget, it wouldn’t be handmade by me which Jan would recognize as a gift from the heart. So, I set about my task and strategized about how to make this luxury item as frugally as possible – I am a prime example of “Champagne taste on a beer budget!”

Grocery Outlet, Bargain Market (the jingle plays in my head whenever I go there) to buy the three-pound block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for $4.99. The recipe called for a quarter cup of cake flour. One-fourth of a cup! The smallest package of cake flour I had ever seen was two pounds, or thirty-two ounces. A one-quarter cup is two ounces. Therefore I would have enough cake flour to make sixteen cheesecakes! I had never seen cake flour at Grocery Outlet (jingle playing in my head – baargaaain maarket!) so my plan was to gather as many ingredients as possible before going to Nob Hill Market to get the rest. I had seen lemon extract at the Dollar Store a while back and just maybe they would still have it; a necessary item for the famous Junior’s sponge cake crust. The recipe called for two drops.

Sure enough, neither bargain stores had cake flour so off I went to Nob Hill. I felt happy to pay the $4.29 for the Softasilk since I got all the other ingredients so cheap. And surely, word would spead about this cake and I would be invited to barbecues all summer if I agreed to bring dessert!CheeseCake-500pix

By the way, Jan and her hubby, Reid, raved about the cheesecake. If you want the recipe, send me your email and I will get it to you!

7 thoughts on “Cheesecake – New York Style!

  1. I would love the recipe. Can it possibly measure up to your famous Tropical Cheesecake? Looks absolutely beautiful!


  2. Sounds and looks like the real deal…and from one Brooklyn gal to another, nothing is quite as delicious as homemade cheesecake with a Juniors recipe! Good for you and happy birthday to Jan! Keep writing.


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