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New Job – New Uniform

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It happened by accident. I emailed a friend just to say hello. She said she was crazy busy with her real estate business and was looking for an assistant. Assistant?! Hey, I want to be an assistant! I still have my California Broker’s license although it is not required for assistants. Over-qualified? Yes! I love it. I get to do the fun stuff and not be the agent in charge.

I texted Katy, the agent in charge, “I want to apply for the go-fer position!”

“Gopher position?” she asked.

“Yeah, go for this, go for that. You know…Girl Friday.”

“Ohhhh, the assistant position. Really?”

So, I walked across the street to talk about the job. Yup. It’s my old real estate office where I worked for several years before moving to Costa Rica, never to return. Remember my four-part series “On the Verge of Homeless?”

The universe is at work folks. Two days prior I received mail from Florida that was sent to that address. I have not worked there since 2012, yet the staff tracked me down to get that mail to me. It was an omen. 

So Katy and I had the interview on a Thursday. I walked up the stairs to her office. 

“Katy, hi! How the heck are ya?”

“Good. Busy. I need help. Can you help?”

“Yeah, as long as we keep the hours flexible. You know…my other jobs.”

I have done pet-sitting for Katy over the years. And she knows I give Frank his insulin shots during the week at 9 and 5, so she was good with that. 

“Can you start tomorrow morning at 10:00?”

“Sure. See you then.” Interview over.

I walked back to my apartment to change out of my dog-walking uniform to get dressed in my scrubs to go see Frank. As I drove down the road, it suddenly hit me – I needed some real estate clothes! I have become accustomed to donning the uniform to fit the job. I wear a T-shirt that says “CJ – The Petsitter with Pearls” (Yes, I wear pearls to walk the dogs), and I wear baggy scrubs to Frank’s, ’cause he’s ninety years old and he lost his filters. After calling him a “dirty old man” for making inappropriate comments on my attire for the umpteenth time, I said, “That’s it, Frank. From now on I’m wearing baggy scrubs!” He has forgotten why I adopted that uniform, but it works for both of us. If I’m wearing scrubs, I’m going to see Frank. Sometimes I have to look at what I’m wearing to figure out what I’m doing.

Even though it wasn’t Tuesday (senior discount day), I drove directly to Ross, Dress for Less, while still in my scrubs and headed for the shoe department. My shoe wardrobe consisted of flip-flops, running shoes, and six-inch stilettos – nothing in between. I found a sensible pair of mid-heel Lifestrides in black. Perfect! I had plenty of black slacks but no suitable tops. Luck was with me. Crisp white blouses were in! I grabbed four and headed for the cashier. She gave me a puzzled look and said, “Are these all the same?”

“Oh no, they’re not. Just similar. It’s my uniform for my new job as a real estate assistant. I have to look at my uniform to see which job I’m doing.”

“Really? How many jobs do you have?”

“Um, three. No, four! (I’m counting writing even though I haven’t been paid lately).”

So, off I went and stocked my closet which is now divided into four sections. I actually have a writing shirt section which consists of T-shirts that say things like, “Shut up and Write!” It helps.

And why, you may ask, do I have so many jobs? It must be about the outfits – or more precisely – it’s all about the shoes!




9 thoughts on “New Job – New Uniform

  1. Youre an absolute phenomena! Live this caper Congrats on your new position Real Estate sales will be over the top with your great expertise. Proud of you! What a gal!


  2. How awesome! For me it always was about the shoes (8 inch heels like yours). The I got hit by a car crossing the street. Knees are shot. Last month I broke my hip (severe osteoporosis due to Prednisone drug side effect) walking into a retail store that had no stair visible. No more heels. Sad! I loved my crazy cool shoes. You like Jane Fonda are an inspiration. Jane is 80! I did her aerobic workouts daily. Jane has had two hip replacements. Her plastic surgeon is a wizard. She like you looks fabulous. Keep writing, you inspire everyone you touch you sassy senior. Let’s come up with a better word. “Senior” isn’t hip or relevant. Paul McCartney and Mic Jagger are NOT seniors. LOL. Good luck with your new job!


    • Dear. Sweet Olga! Thanks so very much for sharing your story and your kind words. Yes, we never know when we walk out the door what life will bring us! Sorry about your accident, and know that you had a blast with the shoes while you could. Time to embrace something else? Like start getting tattoos??!! (I have three:-) It’s never too late!! Best, Carole Jean


  3. Excited to hear this turn of events! Who knows how this new job adventure will turn out! Or who you’ll meet….😊😊😊


  4. It must run in the family. I also, up until recently had 4 jobs. I just quit the title industry and picked up more hours and responsibility with one of the others jobs. I’m down to 3.  LOL and Love it.  When I wake up in the morning sometimes I have to stop and think ok where am I going today. 


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