Got My Mojo Back!





I lost my mojo a while ago. It wasn’t any one thing – it was a bunch that piled up until the proverbial straw broke Carole Jean’s back!  Friends were getting sick, friends were dying of natural causes that come with old age, friends were losing it, and I was helpless to do anything about any of it. I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I didn’t want to go outside. I forced myself and pasted a smile on my face. Friends didn’t question my absence or lack of blogs for months. They figured I was off on an adventure somewhere. Or I met a new man.

Both of those things were true. Once again, I got caught up in the vortex of a new romance. Once again, I plunged blindly into the fantasy of “happily ever after.” But the good news is this time I didn’t get married! So when reality came screaming in, I was able to walk away unscathed. I allowed myself a full forty-eight hours of grieving and depression. And then two things happened; my Firecracker 10K number came in the mail, and two of my dear fly-sisters invited me to see Andrea Bocelli perform in San Jose.

We climbed the steep steps to our nosebleed seats, which cost a fortune. They were dead center and the acoustics at the SAP center were marvelous so we had nothing to complain about. The performance was exquisite! I closed my eyes a few times to experience the world as Bocelli, the blind tenor, does every day. The smile and joy that emanated from him had a profound effect on me. I snapped out of my funk and left the concert feeling exhilarated, renewed and ready to embrace my new outlook. I woke up the next morning and made a to-do list.

Holy Cow! I have to run up the mountain of the Fourth of July, which is like ten days away. The annual race’s slogan is “The Thrill of The Hill” and they are not kidding. Time’s up for moping; time’s in for training! So I dug out the American flag shorts and tried them on. Oh, no! I’ve got ten pounds of potatoes in a five-pound sack! I hung the medals from the previous two years on the fridge, hopped on the scale, and got to work. I made a chart and set a goal. 

I wonder how many will show up this year in my age category. Last year there were three of us. I came in second and was happy with that. I vowed to beat my time the following year, which is now. Whoops, I forgot to train. Okay, my new goal is to not come in dead last like that time in Hawaii when I ran the Hash House Harriers’ 10k with the military guys. Hash House Harriers is a drinking club with a running problem! In contemplating running the 10K with them, I voiced my fear to my friend Geni’s husband, Marc, who was stationed there. “I’ll do the run, but I really don’t wanna be dead last.”

He laughed and said, “Oh, you will be!” And he was right.

I might have to adjust my goal to just crossing the finish line under my own power. I shall refuse to get in the golf cart that sweeps the stragglers even if I have to duck into the bushes and crawl to the finish line after it passes.

So, I got my mojo workin’ and I will get this thing done! 

Meanwhile, I promise to write. Thanks to all of you dear readers who reached out to say you miss my blogs. Carole Jean’s Capers is alive and well. More to come! Thanks for noticing.

Life goes on and we must find joy in each and every day. I got through my bad patch with a little help from my friends. And now, I’m back! Look out.

28 thoughts on “Got My Mojo Back!

  1. Welcome back Carole! I’m happy you’re back and it was good to again read a good dose of your cleverness with my morning coffee. The life-changing performance by Andrea Bocelli was just what the doctor ordered!


  2. Love your blogs and yes, they were missed! Currently going through a life changing episode myself and trying to adjust. Your blog is adjusting my attitude so thank you. Would love to see you soon!


  3. I thought you went into Grandma mode. Glad to hear you can still pick yourself up and do what makes CAROLE HAPPY. No one individual will make you any happier than yourself. You are a STAR! Moving forward, “Go for 1st in the July 4th run!”


  4. I have missed seeing you and reading your blogs but assumed that you were with your daughter and new grand baby. Welcome back my friend. You’re a fighter and glad you made it through your pity-pat party. Life can be so cruel! Hope to see you in the hood soon!


  5. That’s our Carole! Never one to stay down for long. For those of us who don’t have whirlwind romances, parachute jump out of planes, bungee jump, run 10K’s or sit in “nose bleed seats” to listen to Andrea Bocelli, it is always a delight to read of your latest exploits. Keep up the mojo! And keep wearing those sexy shorts!


  6. Artist block happens to all of us. Sometimes I feel like it is life catching up with us during the times when we were more creative. Andrea performed in Costa Rica last February. It was a wonderful concert! Glad you got your mojo back.


  7. You have just given me the “get on it girl” feeling, than you lovely Carole. I was about to go bed with a book and sleep into oblivion but,having read your blog, decided to get all my ducks in a row (well add the buggers up anyway) so I can shoot em in the right order. I don’t need to tell all here but my good friend Sally knows what’s what. Its so good to have that special friend call in the nick of time and I am glad yours got to you my dear friend as mine did for me.


  8. I’ve been thinking about you so much lately. I thought you were hunkered down writing a new book. So glad to see your blog today; inspiring as always. Look forward to meeting you in person, if I ever get out your way😊


  9. Hi CJ, I am happy to hear from you. Yes, missed you and your writings.
    Get back into that short girl! 😉
    Waiting for your next adventure.
    The best to you!💕Susanna


  10. I, myself, have refused to ride in the “pick-up wagon O’ shame!” You’ve got this, girl! One step after the other, just keep picking them up and putting them down… ~ Lynn


  11. Get to work Girl! Time’s a wastin’. I’m getting into shape too, lost 15 pounds and feeling good… but I ain’t a gonna run no marathon… no mam, just be a little faster on my bike and last a few years more… thanks for the kick in the ash… Dr. Fuzz


  12. I have no doubt you are looking pretty good in the shorts by this point! Lol. I have 2 months until my reunion! 😱😱😱


  13. Glad you are up and running again !!

    Who are you working with again?


    Enjoy and happy 4th!



  14. To my dear lady of laughter..I just finally read this to Thom as we poured a glass of wine..we cannot stop laughing..oh how we miss gave us great food for our soul..we too have lost three of our dearest friends and,changed our sadness into joy..can you,please call me..We need to cook for you..though it will not be my memorable evening when you cooked us snails..I have admired and loved you ever since..8314268726 We are now about to read your next life inspiring adventure,,or love experience…




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