What Do You Get The Girl Who Has Everything? Poizin, of Course!


George Opening Wine at Armida Tasting Room in Capitola



I have a special Sister-Friend who is having a special birthday in a few days. I asked Lynn what she had planned. “I plan on hibernating until it’s over!”

“Oh, no you don’t!” I replied. She and her husband, Lucas,  just moved to Ohio from northern California. They were living in Costa Rica before that. We met there five years ago and from the moment we said “hola,” while walking dogs in Roca Verde, Atenas, Costa Rica, we were instant sister-friends.

Contemplating her comment about hibernating, I hinted, “Should I be flying somewhere?”

Next thing I knew she had booked me a ticket on Southwest. Columbus, Ohio, here I come. I better air out the fur coat.  I’m gonna need it! I cleared my calendar and went about the business of finding unique trinkets for Lynne’s “Birthday Bag.”

The girl has everything, so what do I get her? She belongs to a Wine Club and had a case of Rausch sent to me so I can carry it on the airplane. Southwest allows two pieces of checked luggage, so I put a strap around the cardboard box and hope the brilliance of the flamingo-pink luggage strap will distract them enough to allow me to check it.


Case of wine ready for travel

So, in light of this, it didn’t occur to me that I could get her wine for her birthday gift…until I drove by the window of Armida tasting room. I admit it – I am a perfect target for clever marketing. I mean, really! A red skull and cross-bones logo with a name like “Poizin” (get it? Zin??) for a red wine?! Especially, since Lynn and Lucas are fans of a Napa red blend called “The Prisoner.”

Okay, I’ll see my Poizin to YOUR Prisoner. After this birthday celebration, we might have to check into rehab. Oh, but wait. It’s the Holidays – maybe in January.

I went out my door with the intention of jogging around Capitola village as my morning exercise instead of going to the gym as is my normal routine. I put a twenty dollar bill and a credit card in my pocket – ya never know.

As I headed for the home stretch after a good forty-five-minute walk/run, there it was beckoning me from across the street! Poizin  – The wine to die for. The reserve version comes in a coffin! I’m telling you – this marketing stuff works! For a mere sixty dollars more than the regular screw-top version, you not only get the wine in the wooden coffin, you get the dripping seal! poizin-500pixWorth every penny! Plus, if you join the wine club, you get a twenty-five percent discount. I am now an official Armida “Wino,” the title you get when you sign up…as if I needed to sign up to get that. Heh, heh, heh – they should only know.

I can hardly wait for Lynn’s birthday to shower her with Poizin. I bought two bottles so we can do a fun comparison – one in the coffin and one screw top. Of course, we will have fun no matter what.

And now that I belong to the Wine Club, perhaps I can sample the Antidote when I get home. It’s right up my alley with this description: “The extended lees contact helped to create complex aromatics of cantaloupe and meyer lemon, and a luscious mouthfeel reminiscent of pear flambé.” 

This is Armida’s description. I don’t know what a “lees” is, but all the other stuff sounds perfect!

And no matter what we do in Ohio for Lynn’s birthday, it will be perfect and fun. It never fails. There will be laughter. And love.



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