The Serena In Us

Well said. And so well written as always!

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Serena Williams is arguably—though I can’t conjure any reasonable argument—the greatest female tennis player of all time, both fiercely respected and roundly feared on the court. And yet with the start of each tournament, especially the majors, the unrelenting commentary on Serena begins.

At this summer’s Wimbledon, the comments are about her dress. More specifically, the comments are about her breasts. More specifically than that, the comments are about her nipples.

Serena is number 1 in the world, about to turn 35, and playing in the championship match at the most respected professional tournament in the world, going for her 22nd major title. But the mention of her name brings this before all else: you can see her nipples through the white dress and can’t she for god’s sake do something about that, find a way to hide them, cover them up, strap those things down?

I am a…

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2 thoughts on “The Serena In Us

  1. Dresses, make up, hair styles and are all for the women to evaluate. You notice men aren’t commenting on it at all. So let me speak for the straight men of the planet earth. It’s the breasts! Whatever you do around them is fine with us as long as we can them moving in there. Thank you. Paul Furlong


  2. Carole,

    Thank you for this, it was well written and addressed a lot of the feelings most women have about their appearance, except Serena, and why should she? She stands for everything women should aspire to be, healthy, happy, family oriented and a Heroine! I was enjoying the whole match in front of my T.V. at 6:00 in the morning and I thought it was one of the best women’s finals I had ever seen. Not one sided as some have been in the past.

    I’m sorry but I am unable to be at the Shadowbrook this evening. I want to have a good time and unfortunately I have a blood panel test at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow, Kinda takes the fun out of things. How about around the lunch hour sometimes this week? We could have appetizers, catch up and I’ll show you the table. Let me know and keep those imogees (?) coming.




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