FireCracker 10k





The only firecracker I like is the annual 10k race put on by the Santa Cruz Rotary Club at Harvey West Park. The fundraising event supports many local charities as well as build camaraderie among the loyal running community that hits the course early in the morning on the Fourth of July.

The event theme “The Thrill of the Hill” lives up to its reputation and then some.The true competitors actually run up the steep incline through the redwoods. In my case, my goal was to have the famous “Flag Shorts” cross the finish line. I had promised a good friend, Anne, that they would indeed cross it, never mind how long it took me to complete the grueling six-plus miles. After all, I was a self-appointed representative of the senior division, and I could not disappoint my sister-friends.

I am not a consistent runner. I have been known to run 10ks with maybe a week of training. This time it was about the shorts. The itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie running shorts that were in style 25 years ago when I purchased them for the Firecracker Race. Never did I dream they would travel with me to Costa Rica and back to Santa Cruz to participate in the Firecracker so many years later.

Here is the link to the blog I wrote after the Independence Day (or was it Thanksgiving?) run in Atenas, Costa Rica.





Carole Jean and daughter, Chelsea (the real athlete), running Firecracker 2007


Talk about a THRILL! Just as I was about to chomp down on my flapjack, the post-race breakfast treat, my name was called. I placed third in my age category and was being summoned to the winners’ podium! As the young lady volunteer placed the medal around my neck, I had a surge of joy, peace and happiness. In my head, I shouted, “This is for you, sister-friends! Never give up!”

I especially thank Anne, a British friend and fellow ex-TIA flight attendant, who consistently encourages me to write as well as have my flag shorts cross the finish line at the Firecracker 10k.

Happy Independence Day!


Carole Jean with bronze medal

14 thoughts on “FireCracker 10k

  1. Nice goin’ sweetheart… your daughter might have been the better athlete, but you got that floaty thing going if you know what I mean…, good on ya!


  2. You knew you could do it and so did I. Never seen shorts that looked sooooooooooooooo good on anyone. They will be back in style before you know it and you had better insist on a royalty!


    • My Dear Catherine, you did great! Everybody has his own pace!! I cherish your friendship, honesty, and true sister-friendship! Your name came up at our gathering – Anne Ryan, Connie, and Mary Jane. Lenny Uzailko, too. Looking forward to reunion! Or sooner!


  3. Glad you made it again!! We are with Nicki and Tom so had lost of good celebrating in Rancho Murieta. Happy 4th.. Belated . Nita

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  4. What an inspiration to us all! Congrads Carole & Chelsea You are both too Beautiful!
    What a W~I~N~N~E~R!!! Everyone knows this … You are the greatest and there is no denying! Love you so much! Your’e fantastic in every way!


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