Green Valley Lake

Rummage, Rummage, Everywhere!

Green Valley Lake

Carole Jean and Melissa helping at the Rummage Sale


















The announcement of the Green Valley Lake annual rummage sale came at a perfect time. Lynn and I were trying to fit “ten pounds of stuff in a five pound sack,” as she frequently proclaims when dealing with the humongous amount of unpacked parcels shipped from Costa Rica. We stuffed it all in a storage unit since the cabin in Green Valley Lake was full. Full.

When Lynn and I pulled up to the Green Valley Lake Garden Center where the sale was taking place, we were surprised that an adorable young lady named Melissa met us at the full trunk of the brand new Subaru with arms extended to receive the goods.

Everybody in town was there – all three hundred! I started my day with a purchase from the baked goods table – homemade chocolate chip cookies. Breakfast of champions. They were seriously delicious, and gave me the strength I needed to haul the stacks of flooring materials out of the shed and into the car.

Rummage Sale

Lynn and Carole Jean hauling wood



Yes, the stacks of pergo planks that were purchased at the previous year’s sale were up for grabs – let somebody else enjoy the weekend project that never happened at the Rivera’s Hodge-Podge Lodge.

And there was more where that came from; never-used garden equipment, kitchen ware, a wheelbarrow, even a portable dishwasher. That was a chore just transporting it from the cabin to the Public Garden spot where the sale took place. I could not have done it without the help of my friend, Bill, and his truck. We made a party out of it, and laughed all along the way.

Hauling the dishwasher- how to load it onto the truck?

Hauling the dishwasher- how to load it onto the truck?

Muscling the dishwasher to the site

Muscling the dishwasher to the site

Did it! With a little help from my friend, Bill

Did it! With a little help from my friend, Bill






We are gathering more as we go along and will be donating more Rummage for next year’s sale – all for a good cause, the Community Garden Project. It seems no matter how much stuff you get rid of, as soon a you turn your back, more appears – like mushrooms multiplying in the forest. The Law of Abundance is alive and well in Green Valley Lake. See you next year!




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