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Is the Child Still Wild Without the Feathers?


“Wild Child” SuperBling Wine Glass

This is my signature wine glass. It was given to me by my generous and thoughtful friend, Lynn. I had admired her collection of bling wine glasses including the stunning “Mermaid” glass. We both loved that one so much we’ve been known to get into a tug-of-war over who gets it. We solved that problem – we ordered a second “Mermaid!”

Ordering glasses is not an easy task for us. We live in Costa Rica where the mail is inconsistent. Even if the company did ship to Costa Rica, it would be a miracle if we actually received it. If a shipped item arrives in the country, it may or may not be released from the aduana (customs office).  You just never know. I had them shipped to a U.S. address to be carried down by Lynn as she was visiting California at the time.

It was with horror that I had watched my “Wild Child” travel in slow motion from the outdoor table where it sat empty after the previous night’s party waiting to be washed, dried and returned to its “coffin” (like a vampire Wild Child only comes out after dark) with its sparkling rhinestones embedded in the lush black and white enamel design fly into the air and shatter on the patio tile. Oh, yeah, it didn’t just fly into the air by itself. I knocked it over!

This, after one of my party guests accidentally broke Lynn’s SuperBling “Flip-Flop” glass that lives at my house. My guest was horrified, but I assured her it was an accident and it was okay, I would just order another one. I did not tell her it was a $40.00 glass. She felt bad enough already.

So, when I broke “Wild Child” cleaning up in the morning, I knew it was a good party – TWO bling glasses broken at ONE party. Gotta love it! No problem – I would just go to the Designs by Lolita website and order two new ones. I was surprised to find out “Flip-Flop” was discontinued. Oh well, I don’t live at the beach any more anyway.

I ordered the new and improved design, “Radiance”, for Lynn. I was happy to see “Wild Child” was still offered, and ordered both for a total of $85.09 including shipping. I tossed the shattered one in the trash including the tired looking red ring of feathers that circles the base, knowing a fresh one was on the way.

When my friends arrived home from the trip, I could hardly wait to retrieve my goodies. The shelf where they lived in between parties was looking sad and empty. As Lynn handed me the package, she said, “Oh, they forgot your red fru-fru thingy.”

“What?! Are you sure?”

“Yup. No feathers.”

“NO FEATHERS?! But, but the feathers make the glass! I’ll call them. Know anybody coming down soon? I’ll have it sent to my son in San Francisco. He’s coming in March – guess I’ll have to wait.”

The next day I called customer service to ask them to send the feathers that were left out of my order. The polite representative, Marvin, listened to my request and quietly said, “That glass doesn’t come with the feathers any more.”

“What? What do you mean? This is a replacement order. It came with feathers the first time.”

“Yeah, I know. It doesn’t come with it any more.”

“I want to speak to your supervisor. The feathers are the whole reason for the glass. Otherwise it might as well be a “Zebra” glass. I WANT THE FEATHERS! Let me speak to the boss.”

“Won’t do you any good. He already knows. You aren’t the first one to get mad. He knows. I’m real sorry. There isn’t anybody else here for you to talk to. I told them they should change the picture on the website. A lot of people are mad.”

It wasn’t Marvin’s fault. I could sense his sincerity and frustration over the phone. He would have sent me the feathers if it was within his power. I went back to the website and yes, there was a disclaimer – far enough away from the photo of the glass as to go unnoticed. I also saw the “contact us” button which led me to believe I was contacting Lolita, the owner. Nope, it was Lolita, the company. This rep, Wanda, told me how sorry she was that I was unhappy. And that I could go to a craft store and buy the feathers. Thank you and have a great day!

No! I could NOT just go to a craft store. I live in Atenas, Costa Rica. There is no “Michael’s” here. However, there is a store that sells cheap Chinese goods. I bought a shiny mask with feathers for 735 colones (about $1.45), cut off the red feathers,and hot-glued them to the base of my naked “Wild Child”.

Feathered Mask

Mask with missing red feathers

NOW I was ready for the party! This glass travels with me as well.

Lolita wine glass

“Wild Child” in its coffin

Having its own case comes in handy for travel without breakage, and there is NO doubt whose glass it is. Oh, did I mention each SuperBling glass comes with a recipe on the bottom. The whole concept is brilliant. I have to admire the creator of this company, the real Lolita. I happened to see another button on the website titled “Press”.  It is here that I learned Lolita Healy was featured on a show called “How I Made My Millions”. I love the success story of a onetime stay-at-home mom who started a business in her kitchen and made it big. The demand for her product became so large she had to outsource. Now the glasses are manufactured overseas in the same country as the feathered mask I bought in Atenas.

Lolita glass bottom

Bottom of wine glass – made in China



I hope I never break my glass again. If the unthinkable happens, I will pry the feathers off and save – or maybe I can just chase down one of the roosters I see running around my neighborhood. I can just pluck the red ones. He’ll never notice. There is more than one way to feather a … wine glass!

But still – with all their millions, I would think the “Fun” makers who sell the “Fun” glasses could afford to send “Wild Child’s” fun feathers. Have a great day, Lolita!






20 thoughts on “Is the Child Still Wild Without the Feathers?

  1. All drinks taste better from an interesting glass. Yours is a fascinating one. The drink sounds less interesting and certainly not wild. Vodka instead of wine often does the trick.


  2. Roared over the story. I think those are the glasses I see all over the place, specifically in the nice Hallmark stores. And I think I saw a mini documentary about the woman who created them. Great writing Carole…kept my attention!


  3. Carole, I love your stories! I have a bag of feathers. They are purple. I have no use for them. Would you care to have them?

    I’ve been intending to email you. I laughed really hard at your flier about sending you the secret stories. What a great idea! I’d send you one, if I had one. I’ve led a very dull life. Certainly not one with interesting and funny stories. I guess that’s why I find you so so special. You have had an exciting and interesting life so far, and I expect will continue so. For those of us who are dull and boring, we need someone to help us even imagine something else. Thank you.

    > Kathi Cotton Gregory > Vista Atenas lote 75 > Sabana Larga > Atenas, Atenas ,Alajuela > Costa Rica 20502 > (615) 530-1274 > (615) 290-5559 > (506) 8993-5185



    • Oh yes!!! I must have the purple feathers.And the yellow shoes!! Kathi, thank you so very much for your loving support. It was nice to have you at my Art and Wine party.I will invite you to my book signing when I finish “Flying High.” Thanks for reading and commenting!


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