It’s Official – “It’s the Parsley!”


Jinny, Carole Jean, and Barbara

Today was a big day for me. I sold the very first copy of my book, “It’s the Parsley!”

I brought the prototype to the Wednesday Women gathering at Kay’s Gringo Postres in Atenas, Costa Rica to show my friends what I had been working on for months.

When my son, Tyler, announced his wedding to his lovely fiancé, Colette, I was ecstatic, and wanted to do something special for them. The idea of a wedding cookbook incorporating the favorites of each family jumped into my mind.

I set about gathering the recipes, photos, and background stories from Colette’s family in Chicago, plied my mother’s mind looking for family history, dates and facts, and racked my own brain trying to remember some of the funny incidents regarding food that happened over the years.

“It’s the Parsley!” is the result. I am pleased beyond words with the finished product. I did a fancy hard-cover version on a program called “Blurb” which is supposed to be an easy software program for this sort of thing. The easy part is a lie, but the promise of high quality is not. Unfortunately, it comes with a hefty price tag, Each color hard copy costs over $50, and the paperback close to $30.

With the help of writer friends here in Costa Rica, I found a quality printer at a reasonable price of under $20 per book! Let’s face it; this was a labor of love! For those of you who support me and buy the book, I thank you. Those of you who receive it as a wedding favor, enjoy it. You will have fun reading the stories even if you never make any of the dishes. I challenge you to make Plum Pudding (page 56). Now that’s something to write home about!

The ladies pictured above perused the sample and wanted to buy a copy. I sat up straighter, felt my eyes twinkle and my smile widen. “You do? Oh wow, thanks! I don’t have any to sell yet. This is just the sample.”

“How much are they?” asked Barbara, a former Miss Kansas ala Miss Universe. She is now a cookbook collector with 1,000 cookbooks. I am honored to be the author of 1001.

“Twenty bucks.”

She did not bat an eyelash, just reached into her wallet, pulled out a twenty dollar bill, handed it to me and said: “Here’s the money. Tell me when you have the book.”

Her friend, Jinny, didn’t say anything; she just handed me another twenty.  Now, that’s a vote of confidence!

I have already started “It’s the Cilantro!”, a book of Costa Rican recipes with a bit of history, culture,and advice on where to find some of the dishes and/or ingredients. And then I will bow out of the cookbook business and focus on “Flying By the Seat of My Pants.” a book of airline stories from the 1970s when I was an international flight attendant for Trans International Airlines.

So many stories, so little time!


It’s the Parsley!



You can buy the book on, but do look for discounts online up to 30%. You can buy it directly from me in Costa Rica. Come to Kay’s on Wednesday,  August 6 at noon for an informal lunch and  book-signing, or email me at It will also be offered as an e-book shortly.

24 thoughts on “It’s Official – “It’s the Parsley!”

  1. Fantastic! I guessed you were up to something when we were not getting our regular dose of the Capers (which I sorely missed.) You never cease to amaze me, you wonder woman. I was talking only this morning to a fellow realtor about your parachute escapades!



  2. Congratulations Carole! I do want to buy the book but I am out of state for two weeks. I’ll do it when I return to Calif. How do I get your autograph on it though? Brings back memories of your lasagna….


  3. You DID it!
    I am so excited, it was growing in your mind last summer when I forgot the parsley one night! I am going to buy one asap, and congratulations on another beautiful project well done!!


  4. All YOU do Carole is so tops! This BOOK is a real winner & such a great “Family Heirloom” for Colette & Tyler ….I can’t wait to make the recipes and I think the Cilantro
    book sounds too good! Goodness talk about genius….you are honest!


  5. Hi,

    Well done with the cookbook! We had a poor experience with this American tradition. A friend was married in LA and everyone attending was asked to submit a recipe. We laughed when we saw some of them.

    Sausage roll- Buy sausages and Pillsbury dough. Roll the sausage in the dough and cook in the oven.

    Cake- Buy a Betty Crocker cake mix and follow the instructions

    Chicken with delicious sauce- Cook a chicken and poor a tin of Campbell’s Soup over it.

    Your book is sorely needed!

    I hear that Larry abandoned the Book fair. What happened?

    We are back on the 10th of August. I can hardly wait. The outside world is crazy!

    Warm Regards, Chris

    On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 4:47 PM, Carole Jean’s Capers wrote:

    > CaroleJean’ posted: ” Today was a big day for me. > I sold the very first copy of my book, “It’s the Parsley!” I brought the > prototype to the Wednesday Women gathering at Kay’s Gringo Postres in > Atenas, Costa Rica to show my friends what I had been working on for > months. “


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