The Power of Parsley

Decorated plate

It’s the Parsley!

Put a little parsley on your plate and presto! Your meal is transformed into a work of art. This very concept is what launched the idea for my upcoming cookbook. “It’s the Parsley!”

This, my loyal readers, is the reason my blogs have been sparse. I have been furiously working on the book. It started out to be just a family cookbook for the upcoming wedding of my son, Tyler, and his bride-to-be, Colette.

Many of my blog readers got wind of it and are anxious to purchase a copy. Most of the  recipes come with a fun story. Here is the “Introduction”:

It was the annual ski trip to Heavenly Valley, Lake Tahoe. We inherited the time-share at Ridge Pointe on the Nevada side when Nonnie and Papa Nuevo moved to Costa Rica. We loved the location, situated within skiing distance to the lift, Stagecoach, provided there was snow on the road.

After the first day on the slopes, we were famished! We provisioned well, having stopped at Costco for the bargain packages of chicken breasts, steaks, veggies, wine, beer, and of course, Snickers. After a full day on the mountain, tradition called for a session in the giant hot-tub located on the first floor of the building. Excited about being “Mom” again, I decided to stay back to prepare dinner for the “kids”.

Using the limited resources the condo provided, I set the table for five and prepared the chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, veggies, salad, and French bread. It was a simple meal, really. When Tyler, Colette, Eli, and Joel walked in there was a hush. Tyler broke the silence: “What is this? A ski condo or a restaurant?”  Colette: ” Whoa!” Eli: “Cool!” Joel: “Bonus!”

Tyler: “How did you do this?”

My answer: “It’s the Parsley! Not only that, each plate cost less than five bucks. And guess what? Montreal Steak Seasoning works on chicken, too!”

“No way.”

“Yup. Figure it out. Here’s the Costco receipt.”

Tyler grabbed it and his engineer brain calculated the cost. “I can’t believe this. I come up with $4.89 per plate, not counting leftovers. You should write a book. Everybody wants to know how to do this. You make it look so nice. We usually just toss the food on the plate and it’s all messy.”

Plate of food without parsley

Same food, no parsley!

We sat down to a candle-light dinner (candle stuck in empty wine bottle), unfolded our paper-towel King’s Hat napkins and the idea for “It’s the Parsley!” was born.

The wedding of Tyler and Colette is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Enjoy!

In addition –  Parsley is one of the world’s healthiest foods!

13 thoughts on “The Power of Parsley

    • Geni, thanks so much!!! As soon as I get it published, i will let you know. I’m using and they are expensive for the good quality paper. Once I get the fancy version, I will look for a cheaper alternative printer to make it easier for folks. As always, your support means the world to me!


  1. I want a copy too!! Put a price on it and we will help your cause:)…Great to hear from you…It will be 97 today in SANTA CRUZ…warmer than Miami…a strange May day.Hugs, Nita


  2. I’m a big fan of parsley! It is so good in so many recipes, not just as a garnish. I recently made a pesto with roasted walnuts and lots of parsley (featured at Veggies…if you want the recipe) and it was just fab!

    The photo of you in the white dress is also fab Carole. 😉

    Happy Wednesday, G


  3. makes your breath nice and fresh also……..great story Carole….I will definitely put my name on the book list…..see you in Oct…..


    • Yes, that’s right Catherine! It does the breath thing! Thank you for being so supportive. I’m going to try to get the book cost down so people can afford it. Blurb makes a gorgeous shiny color book, but toooo much. Once it’s done, i’ll get a sample of the less pricey paperback. Speaking of … I’m about to stat the TIA book so I have at least an abbreviated version by the reunion! I would love to have your Morocco story. I have a brief version. Care to put a synopsis on email? I can change the name if you like :-). Thank you!!!


  4. This post is TO DIE FOR. I’m going out to buy some parsley ASAP. I can just see the scene – Bonus! Ski condo or restaurant!?


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