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Bon Appétit in the Jungle

I updated this to re-size photos. Hope you can see them all now. They mistakenly got sent out too large and didn’t load onto the post properly.

Carole Jean's Capers

Villa Daveena Patrick Jamon, Carole Jean, and Waiter Extroadinaire

While visiting my family in Nosara, my folks invited me along on an outing that had been planned by a group of expat friends. It was to be a gourmet lunch in Playa Negro, a sleepy beach town on the Guanacaste Peninsula. Ha! I had been to Playa Negro; it was a couple of hours away on a bumpy dirt road. Here in Costa Rica we are at the tail end of the dry season, and I do mean DRY! Not a drop of rain has fallen since November, and the dirt is pulverized to a fine powder that permeates everything. Gourmet restaurant indeed! I came close to bowing out, but decided to just go along since I don’t get to spend much quality time with my precious mom and “Papa Nuevo” (he’s been my “new” dad for 22 years!), even though I live…

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