Costa Rica

Ivo’s Blog – My Guest Post

Carole Jean on Newly painted red car next to Victor's turquoise car

Carole Jean on newly painted red car next to Victor’s turquoise car

I was honored to be asked to “Guest Blog” for Ivo of GoDutch Realty. Ivo has lived in Costa Rica for many years, and is the owner of a full service real estate company located in Escazu, Costa Rica with offices in Santa Ana, Cariari, Los Santos, Grecia and Atenas . They cover the whole Central Valley and sell mainly residential properties in Costa Rica. GoDutch Realty also has a “roaming” agent who helps you if you don’t know which area you would like to live. Having been a real estate agent myself, licensed in California and Florida, I know what is entailed in maintaining this type of business.

In addition, Ivo finds time to put together a weekly blog, called … um … “Ivo’s Blog”. His is always informative, interesting, and professionally presented. Please visit Check out my guest post, and see what other interesting articles he has. You will want to subscribe to Ivo’s Blog even if you don’t live in Costa Rica!

6 thoughts on “Ivo’s Blog – My Guest Post

  1. I just spent 15 minutes looking for Carole Jean’s blog on Ivo’s blog. ugh. long tim to scan titles looking for one entry. it is on page 13. my fourth from last page since I started at both ends. I confess I didn’t finish it cause I am pretty sure I have already read it else where in her blog. ???


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