Boomer Memoir

Another One Bites the Dust!

How did this happen? The year ended; I didn’t lose ten pounds, I didn’t write the great American novel, and I didn’t knit a sweater. Oh, that’s right; I live in Costa Rica. I don’t need the sweater any more.

Now, about that little black dress I had planned to fit into for the New Year’s Eve party. If I squeeze into it, I’m going to look like a stuffed chorizo. My husband might like that; he’s always looking for the perfect chorizo for his paella.

I know, I know – I’ll wear a black muumuu and accessorize with my disco ball necklace and my sparkly stilettos and nobody will notice the middle!

Disco ball necklace, sparkly stilettos

Disco ball necklace, sparkly stilettos

These are not the important things. I have the important things; I am blessed every single day with the important things. My wonderful husband, my precious family, old and new friends, and a Chocolate Lab named Toby. This past year, we’ve had a plethora of drop-in dogs, temporary dogs, OPD’s (other people’s dogs) and now, much to our delight, our very own doggie!


On this last day of 2013, I sit on our balcony, over-looking the village of Atenas with the white-steepled church, the wind-chimes are chiming, the  birds are chirping, the butterflies are flitting, and I am grateful. Because of the miracle of Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and LinkedIn, I have re-connected with cherished friends.  I am a senior citizen; a baby-boomer on social security living as an expat in Costa Rica. Our generation has resisted the new way of the world; the internet, social media, tweeting, etc. Think back to the days when the first family on the block to get a TV was huge news! We used to race to their homes to watch “Howdy Doody” on Saturday mornings.

When we got our own TV, we got to play “Winky-Dink”. And then we got excited about sending in 2 box-tops and 25 cents to get a Davey Crocket hat, or a Pinky Lee hat. Dad used to have to climb onto the roof while we adjusted the “rabbit ears” (antenna) and he would yell down: “Is there a picture?” We’ve come a long way, baby.

Today, December 31, 2013, I type on a keyboard attached to a tiny screen and soon I will hit a button that sends this to all parts of the world. I can wish “Happy New Year” to everybody on the planet with one tiny key-stroke, and I do wish it. To my sister-friends, I say thank you for supporting my free spirit all these years, but especially this year, 2013, when so many changes took place. Come see me in Costa Rica. I have saved plum pudding for you. You know it lasts forever – it’s the brandy and Guinness that makes this possible – and we will enjoy it together… Anne, Linda, Shymala, Sally … and for those of you that don’t like plum pudding, I will bake you a cake.

In 2014, I will lose ten pounds in preparation for the upcoming “Boomer-Bungee” so I can fit into the Wonder Woman costume. This is coming in February, right after the Atenas Chili Cook-Off … so much to do before another one bites the dust.

Happy New Year!

19 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust!

  1. Happy New Year Bubbi. You don’t need to lose ten pounds, you are beautiful, and I just heard the original wonder woman bungee jump from Vicki. I love your free spirit!


  2. Carole,
    Such a great posting! We are missing you very much as we are in Puerto Rico doing our celebration stuff with the familia, but I had to laugh so much as lucas and Dad are still trying to get something tuned in on the TV…and guess what – we still have the Rabbit Ears! Some things never change – we don’t have Cable and the TV is still not a flat screen…as you very well know! 🙂

    Ha ha – maybe by April we will move into the current technology era!

    Much love and felicidades – Lynn & Lucas

    ps – wear the black dress! You can always pull it off with great success 🙂


    • YOU, my gemela crack me up! It’s January 1, 2014! !Dios Mio! I’m drinking a Bloodly Mary in OUR honor. Miss you guys mucho! We have some really really really fun stuff comin’ up! Girls trip to Nosara, Boomer Bungee Jump, Chili Cook-off – oh, that’s right, you won’t be there. CHANGE YOUR FLIGHT! It won’t be right without you!


  3. I cannot believe it! YOU Carole really do crack me up I laugh soooooo HARD! Your
    memory and clever wit that captures all of what LIFE really was for us… And you
    are right in rhythmn with the whole UNIVERSE… You got what it takes ! Such a great
    place to be to reminess about how things were and how far you have come in this crazy
    world of ours… But you never let a bad thing happen You changed water into wine and made a purse out of sows’ ear all the way! Never let the grass grow under your feet!
    You lived LIFE in the spirit of love always even in the face of adversity…WOW! a real feat!

    All I can say, is that when all of this in your life was happening, I was somewhere singing
    either in a bathroom for the acoustics…. a recording studio… a garage with a band…
    in my best friends’ house… or at a club… Still doing it daily.. and dreaming of so many
    beautiful singers that entertained millions and just being happy I have this genre in these
    boots I wear! Doo Doo Woo Wop Wop Oh Baby! That’s it for now… I am just so grateful knowing how witty sweet and clever
    of a girl you are that I know..well . Happy New Year to a true blue “One of a kind precious girl”
    May God keep blessing you and telling you how much he loves you! Because of that we
    are all so Happy Happy Happy! Sunshine is you Love is all Love is YOU! Keep on keepin’ on! Fm: one true fan always!!!!!


  4. You got your OWN for real dog that will move with you? Cool and wonderful. Congratulations. I want to wish you a Happy New Year…it seems like that is what it is for you. Happy. I am living vicariously through your blogs and if I can’t get to them I save them for “later” when I can relish them like a nice glass of wine.


  5. Time is passing too quickly. I need my Carole fix. A Costa Rica vacation is in my 2015 plans. Maybe even for the new year itself. Love the chocolate lab! XO On Dec 31, 2013 3:56 PM, “Carole Jean’s Capers” wrote:

    > CaroleJean’ posted: “How did this happen? The > year ended; I didn’t lose ten pounds, I didn’t write the great American > novel, and I didn’t knit a sweater. Oh, that’s right; I live in Costa Rica. > I don’t need the sweater any more. Now, about that little black dress I had > pla”


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