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These were so much fun to read, I had to share them all! If yours did NOT get published (due to a variety of reasons), please email to me, caroleconnolly@gmail.com, and I will post them here! Thank you all so much. I cherish each and every one.


Going Like Sixty wrote 1 week ago: Hi Neighbor. Fun read… even for a guy who owns just two pairs of shoes and only wears flip flops. (But of course, I admire the stilletos everyday!)

Not Me! wrote 1 week ago: Well, I don’t know about you, but I refuse to wear stilettos no matter what country I’m in! Works for her, though.

Linda G wrote 1 week ago: I signed up for your emails that come to my inbox when you post a blog. They are so entertaining and also informative. Keep them coming!

Michele Clutter wrote 1 week ago: Comfort.  I am for comfort, not glamour, so stilettos are completely out for me.  Besides I have seen too many people with shattered ankles from just stepping off the curbs wrong in Costa Rica but good luck to you with them.

Patricia A Hanson wrote 1 week ago: While I have an aversion to the 5+ inch stilettos the fashion and the orthopedic surgeon industries are promoting these days (43,000 fractures from high heels alone in 2012 including Lady GaGa); this girl can blog! Whether you are considering vacationing in Costa Rica or moving there .. or just want upbeat reflections of island life and love .. do follow Carol’s capers! This expat blog is a must.

Jack wrote 1 week ago: I love your shoes. They are always interesting. Never figure out how you can walk in stilettos. Sandals are all I can master. Keep up thegreat blogging.

Jen Seymour wrote 1 week ago: Carole Jean – I love your blog, and same goes for this post as well!  As you know, I’ve only been in Costa Rica for 6 months, but absolutely love it here.  I don’t read too many blogs, but I DO read yours!  Excellent post on shoes….  although I personally have not gotten any stiletto’s yet…  maybe that day will come soon.  🙂  Cheers & good luck on this contest!!

Marissa wrote 6 days ago: Stilettos!! hahahhah you crazy girl! Some things never change 🙂 xo

Colette wrote 6 days ago: Your a brave woman to rock stilettos on those uneven sidewalks. Watch out for the snakes!

Jan Nicholas wrote 6 days ago: THIS is one of the must fun and interesting blogs I follow.  I think the woman writes with passion, humor and a deep sense of being connected to her expat community.  It is fun to read.  This blog is worth the win in your contest.

Miracle Max wrote 6 days ago: A well written blog(and true love)is the greatest thing, in the world – except for a nice MLT- mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. There so perky, I love that. I also love reading Carole’s Costa Rica Expat blog — as you wish.

Jan Yatso wrote 6 days ago: This blogger is entertaining, informative, and timely. I love the whole stiletto thing. I wouldn’t be caught dead in them, but she can pull it off. Keep blogging, Carole Jean. love it!

Carol E.  Sims wrote 6 days ago: Carole Jean, reading your blog definitely puts a smile on my face. As far as the stilettos, I will get vicarious pleasure out of your wearing them and not me!  I’m trying to stay upright and my days of high heels (not even stilettos!) are long gone.  Keep the entertaining posts coming!

Bill Cahill wrote 6 days ago: This is an excellent article, as are all Carle’s articles, written from her unique perspective.  Everybody should read these informative articles.

CMT wrote 6 days ago: I also love ‘choos’.  Having lived in South America as a child, I heard it pronounced that way long before Jimmy’s arrival on the market.  Great reading!

Don Juan wrote 6 days ago: Size 13? Yes, it is a challenge to find large shoes in Costa Rica. Having been to the Alajuela Feria, I can just see the shoe vendor’s face when he looked at this guy’s feet. These are things you don’t think about when packing for Costa Rica. Very informative blog. And funny.

Webbed Feet wrote 6 days ago: I agree about the water shoes. Original thinking about footwear. She deserves a prize just for this part. I never thought about water shoes. Costa Ready wrote 6 days ago: Magic with a machete is good. I heard people in Costa Rica walk around everywhere with machetes strapped to the their belts. This blogger is informative and entertaining. A winner!

Corinne Loveland wrote 6 days ago: Such a clever structure for an essay!  I enjoyed this a lot.

Ivo Henfling wrote 6 days ago: I know a lot of expats in Costa Rica who blog well but Carole Jean will win this with her hands on her back. Carole is not only the most knowledgeable person about being an expat in Atenas, she write about it with more heart than anybody I know. Keep up the great work Carole!

Micki Price-Savage wrote 6 days ago: Carole Jean, your blog is amazing! I look forward to reading them and know I’m going to learn something new and laugh along the way. I can’t believe you still wear stilettos!

Jean Castle wrote 6 days ago: Love this blogger!  Unique way of looking at the world and her viewpoints always make me chuckle and leave a smile on my face!

Mary Citrano wrote 6 days ago: I LOVE Carole’s blog! It’s just like she is right here telling her stories! As for shoes, although I like cute shoes, comfort is king! And I can’t risk a broken ankle!!!

Mark wrote 6 days ago: Hash House Harriers? Whoa, that brings back a lot of memories. I didn’t know they were still in existence. Maybe because I continued with the beer drinking, but gave up the running part. I, too, am an expat living in Costa Rica. I don’t own running shoes. Don’t want them. I’m sticking with the flip-flops. I want to see this ziplining in stilettos stunt. Good blogger!

Vicki Skinner – Living Life In Costa Rica Blog wrote 6 days ago: To ME, I agree with you on the standard Crocs are ugly but I think they have over 200 designs for women, men & kids now.    Croc’s aren’t just for the garden!!  Crocs is perfect for LOTS of things!!  The old fashioned ones are GREAT to wear in the water!!    They’re great for Rainy/Muddy Season (as long as the grooves aren’t worn down – then they’re like ice skating)!  They clean off REALLY easily/well!  Your feet do NOT sweat or stink!  They’re great for people with funny shaped feet as there’s a trick to “mold” them to your feet.  They’re INCREDIBLE for anyone with problems in their back, legs, hips, feet, ankles+!! (why do you think nursing & waiter associations approved them??!!)  But for ME, MOST of all, my weak ankled feet in Crocs HUG the uneven sidewalks & dirt roads of Costa Rica.  Before Crocs I was falling/spraining my ankles regularly!!  Now – I just go down when I’m not walking & there’s something sticking out of no where or a hole!!  I did an article on them on my blog –   http://http://LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com/2012/08/CrocsBestShoes4CostaRica.html

Costa Rica Boomer wrote 6 days ago: This is hysterical! I like the part about the Crocs. Ugly as sin, indeed. And now, can you believe you can even get them at Multi-Plaza? Maybe if they come in HOT colors, you will get a pair. I love mine and I use them for everything, not just gardening. This blogger should win for originality!

Anne Ryan-Atkinson wrote 6 days ago: Carole keep the reality and entertainment coming!  It’s wonderful to open the computer and there you are and I know I am in for a good laugh, great humour and YOUR very own perspective on life and the wonderful place that you live.   You ARE a WINNER!

Geni Thomas wrote 6 days ago: Love this blog by Carole! I have been following her and laughing and learning about her Costa Rican expat life. This particular blog is especially good for a couple of reasons. Her colorful descriptions and side stories are great visuals. The stilettos tale made perfect sense to me. I too would have worn stilettos to the restaurant having seen someone else pulling that off. And the running shoes – true story! That man was my husband Marc! Not only did Carole pull off the run, she brought along a sun dress to change into for the beer drinking fest afterwards with the Hash House Harriers, while everyone else sat in sweaty shorts.  As to Crocs…ugh….

Isa wrote 6 days ago: Have a daughter, niece and mom who are shoe women too! I love reading your adventures including the “stilettos”. Glad to be able to share in some of them as well.  You go, girlfriend!

Ben Howlett wrote 6 days ago: Words spoken from a true expert on shoes! Your blogs are great and are such a treat to read! Keep up the hard work!

Steve Coan wrote 6 days ago: Such a gifted writer. Now there’s talent everyone can admire!

Robin wrote 1 week ago: What a fun deviation from the normal blog about expat life. Who is this person?

Nicki Bagley wrote 6 days ago: You have always been about the shoes and now you have a chance to share your shoe stories! Thanks for taking us on your journey in your new home.

Colette Reuter wrote 6 days ago: I love reading Carole’s blog. She not only writes with humor, she also writes from the perspective of one who really knows the country well.  Keep blogging Carole Jean!

Nita Lundin wrote 6 days ago: A great way to start each day! Keep it up and good luck!

Kathleen Moler wrote 6 days ago: Carole is my most colorful, fun and vivacious friend. We have had so many laughs and I have enjoyed so many of her life stories.  After encouraging Carole to write a book about her life, I can now save these very cleaverly written blogs. When I read this blog, many memories of Carole’s stelettos come to memory. Although our shoe sizes are the same… Carole never borrowed my shoes and I cannot walk in hers. But, Carole can dance the Salsa like a professional in her flashy blue stelettos! Carole’s writing style depicts the Carole I know to a “T”! The best blog I have ever followed! Good luck, Carole!

Cathy Ware wrote 6 days ago: I am so very proud of you for pairing(!) down your shoe collection! Even though I know the Lucite stilettos are not an everyday choice, I hope you still have them. They too are award winners just like you!  Keep on keeping on carrying the torch! Love all your fine writes.

Mary Mac wrote 6 days ago: I agree about the water shoes. Original thinking about footwear. She deserves a prize just for this part. I never thought about water shoes.  Love the visual about the horseback riding on the beach. She should win for being un-boring! Keep the blogs coming. I hope you win.

Sarge wrote 6 days ago: Great post! You have a future as a blogger, indeed! Agree on your choices of footwear here in CR. Of course, no stilettos for me! I actually sold shoes at REI right after I left the military. It was my first “real” job in over 20 years, ha!

Marie Cubillas wrote 6 days ago: Carole’s blog is a must read!  I LOVE reading it.  It’s the first email I open – it’s 100% Carole…funny, heartwarming and thought provoking!  Keep bringing Costa Rica and Carole to Santa Cruz!

Sally Bookman wrote 6 days ago: Eggs and bacon, bread and jam, tea and toast and Carole and Stilettos!  Just as a heart makes you think of love, those shiny, crazy, totally unwearable shoes on spikes make me think of Carole.  Only she can wear them with such aplomb and then write about them in the sexiest way possible.  Loving those blogs!

Gabriela wrote 6 days ago: An amazing writer, entertainer and so much more! A happy gal and this is reflected in her all she does! Great Story and look forward to many more! Mardi McRae wrote 6 days ago: Great read Carole, I love it! And all about #4 and the artificial height!

Chelsea Howlett wrote 5 days ago: This is the daughter speaking.  She certainly isn’t kidding about #1.  There is evidence of stilettos all over our house.  Being a military family we have moved from California to North Carolina to Washington State, all in 13 months and we have been toting 8 pairs of mom’s stilettos on every move, which are to be stored for future visits or for our use if we so choose.  My husband has chosen not to take her up the offer but I certainly have!

Laura McMurry wrote 5 days ago: I look forward to each and every blog of yours. Thanks for sharing your fabulous adventures!

David Hilyard wrote 6 days ago: I love Carole’s stories!  Always interesting and tinged with humor and fun!  Can’t wait for the next one!

Don Shaw wrote 6 days ago: It’s difficult to decide which I love more, the blog or the stilettos. They both bring me great joy and I imagine there is some blog writing being done in stilettos.  Looking forward to the next “Caper”

Janet Serman wrote 6 days ago: Love your blogs. They put a smile on my face whenever I get them. I, myself, am not a stiletto person, being 5 ft 9 in. in my bare feet and having had 3 back surgeries, but I admire anyone who can actually walk around in them.   Loved that you had at least an appreciative audience of one after all the trouble getting your heels on before entering the restaurant. Keep the blogs coming. You really have a “way with words.”

Suzette wrote 5 days ago: Entertaining AND informative!  I loved the “outline” style, each and every vignette highlighting a different aspect of your life in Costa Rica.  Miami misses you and your boundless enthusiasm!  Don is a true gentleman to get you up and on to those “Choos”.  No other audience required.  Keep these beautiful stories coming!

Lynn Lindley wrote 5 days ago: Cute post, but you won’t find me in a pair of stilettos! Not at 61!

Barbara Townend wrote 5 days ago: While I have trouble walking in flip flops I have seen Carole Jean strut her stuff through our office as though she were walking the runway. Always positive, always smiling and full of adventure. Who wouldn’t enjoy her stories?

Brooke wrote 5 days ago: Love it!  As a fellow shoe aficionado, I can truly appreciate this.  You’ll never catch me in Crocs but a pair of stilettos is a must even in Atenas.

B Double TT wrote 5 days ago: Now I can pack my “shoe” bag with confidence when I travel to Costa Rica!

Sheila Nelson wrote 5 days ago: Hilarious! I’m a croc girl myself, and I do have a pair of hiking boots and I do get a large charge out of watching the beautiful women in their mile high shoes. However, I’m afraid I’d kill myself if I tried to sport a pair of stilettos! Thanks for a delightful blog!

Jeane Harper wrote 5 days ago: Your blog reads  just like you talk….its funny, down to earth, joyful and best 4qs9of all, it’s Real.  Thanks for that.

Paula wrote 5 days ago: You give us entertaining reading that merges your upbringing, your working years, your new surroundings and the fun perspective that life has given you.  Keep it up!

Colette Reuter wrote 5 days ago: Not only is this a humorous and interesting blog, you can see that Carole Jean is knowledgeable about living in Costa Rica. Keep blogging Carole!

Judy Snow wrote 5 days ago: Carole has always been colorful, fun and a little outrageous…her blog reflects all of that. Carole and stilettos were made for each other!  Never doing anything unless she gives it 100 percent she has proven herself to be an exceptional writer-her blog is informative, humorous, reflective – I welcome her into my day via her blog and she never fails to put a smile on my face and bring warmth to my heart.  This is a lady who is a SURVIVOR and has so much to share….hard to believe but, she is real and ONE OF A KIND….you will be entertained!!! LOVE learning about life in Costa Rica from one who lives it!  I’m addicted to dark chocolate and your blog!

Paul Burri wrote 5 days ago: I had no idea there was so much to say about shoes. If that blog is any indication of how many shoes Carol owns, I wonder if there is any room for his clothes.

Jean Cahill wrote 5 days ago: Another great blog!  I love reading your entertaining and informative stories.  I especially like the way you always make them unique by sharing a little of your life story. However, while you look great in your stilettos, comfortable wins every time for me.  Please keep sharing your “capers”.

Tyler wrote 5 days ago: Another great entry from a fantastic blogger!  Always a informative and funny, and well-written to boot, Carole’s Capers is a must-follow for anyone considering leaving the US for the “easy” life in the tropics, or really anyone who can appreciate a good story.  Keep up the good work!

Justin W. wrote 5 days ago: Great post!  Now I partly understand the need women have for an excessive amount of shoes.  You have made an argument for 10 pairs.  It’s the other 20 my wife have that take up valuable space.

Finch Eye wrote 5 days ago: A fun and great blog, I like reading about your experiences in Costa Rica and learning more about the country in general.  I also totally agree about the water shoes in the right situations…dorky is definitely the new cool! 🙂

Maria Sentry wrote 5 days ago: Reading your blog makes me happy! Your writing captures your spirit which  of course comes mainly from your shoes!! Keep up the great work!!

Alex wrote 5 days ago: If Napoleon had only read Carol’s blog, he would surely have smitten the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo!  Don’t be like Napoleon.  Read Carol’s amazing blog.

Stefanie B wrote 5 days ago: I couldn’t agree more! Every woman needs a good pair of stilettos no matter where she lives!

Jacquilina Sanders wrote 5 days ago: Carole YOU are a true writer in the purest sense of the word! Your descriptive & emotional stance is so well taken&  so colorful too! Your blogs are incredible and I think you should just make all of them into a BOOK for publishing.. The fer de lance story, the lemon merinque pie…Rockerfeller center in NY are so beautifully written You are a lady of grace & intelligence! Thank-you for your work keeping all of us informed of Costa Rica and its’ habitat and your colorful life! Keep em’ coming! You are simply the BEST girl! Thanks so much again! Xo Xo Xo

Sally wrote 5 days ago: First, I must say I too think Crocs are perhaps the worst looking shoes out there!  Now knowing they were created by one of Tyler’s classmates could make me want to wear them, ( I hear they are very comfortable!).  If anyone can pull off stilettos AND get a man on his hands and knees to place them on her feet; it is you!!!  So look forward to catching up with you at the wedding. Until then, keep blogging, I’ll be reading!  My best…Sally

Joel S. wrote 5 days ago: Practical fashion and words to live by.  Throw in a good woman and I’m moving south too.

Judy Timson wrote 5 days ago: I enjoy reading all of Carol’s blog posts – her sense of humor is great!

Joni L wrote 5 days ago: What about Keens?  Those are the only shoes I wear!

Shymala Dason wrote 5 days ago: What fun! The best part of this is that it’s not about shoes at all, really, but about the process of figuring out how to be a stranger in a strange land. It’s far easier to write ‘seriously’ about this than to find a fun, playing, moving metaphor that’s also grounded and gets the story told. What’s more grounded than shoes? And anyone who’s lived in a country they didn’t grow up in can totally understand what it really means to have to consciously think through everything, from the ground (shoes) up. Well done! This is a cool and unpretentious blog.

Russ Lowes wrote 5 days ago: Carole is a great storyteller , her description of the Tico woman maneuvering through the most hazardous of conditions in high heels is almost unbelievable , even when you witness it yourself , this blog was thoroughly entertaining and full of sole ,kudos to you Carole , thanks for the laughter

Julianna Crisman wrote 4 days ago: That’s nuts! In my mind I figured you’d be living in flip flops–and frankly I thought of that as one of the perks of island life. No more heels.  Upon further thought, Latin women are usually dressed to the nines. Makes sense now. All the best to you! Keep up the great blogging!

Loving Life wrote 6 days ago: Hash House Harriers? Whoa, that brings back a lot of memories. I didn’t know they were still in existence. Maybe because I continued with the beer drinking, but gave up the running part. I, too, am an expat living in Costa Rica. I don’t own running shoes. Don’t want them. I’m sticking with the flip-flops. I want to see this ziplining in stilettos stunt.Good blogger!

Don Savage wrote 6 days ago: This is so really you.  I still remember the Christmas fundraiser in Nosara well before you moved to CR where you took off a pair of stilettos and donated them to the charity auction.  In rural Costa Rica they brought a high donation.

Thomas E wrote 4 days ago: I love this blog, you learn something new every time your read it.  I’m going to go find the nicest pair of stilettos in town, (I don’t have ANY), pull out my tightest pair of jeans, and head on down to CR!

Marina wrote 4 days ago: All your blogs are my Favorite, could not point to a single one, they make my day, am always bummed when I don’t get one………..keep ’em coming girl.

Rosemarie Ceraso wrote 4 days ago: Well from one Bklyn girl to another – now both in Costa Rica – I agree. Next to my 3 pair flip flops, my water shoes and my anti snake boots, is my fav pair stilettos. You can take the girl out of Brooklyn – but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the girl!  Enjoyed your story –

David wrote 4 days ago: There is something both brave and open about Lori.  Something real.  I’m a fan.  She is a very human and vulnerable writer.

Barb Aira wrote 4 days ago: Carole, your Blog is a “must read” for those of us who already live in this delightful Country, or for those who are considering Costa Rica as their new home. We all seem to have those “Perils of Pauline” days here sooner or later, but your wit and writing style enable me to either smile, or laugh right out loud as I visualize each new narrative. Continue “living the life” here and keep up the great work as you share your experiences with us–your readers!

Benjamin Franklin wrote 4 days ago: “Carol’s blog is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Me, founder of the University of Pennsylvania and world’s first expat blogger

Isaac W. wrote 4 days ago: This is just a wonderful idea. Im glad someone has the fortitude to take on such a wonderful path.

Suzie wrote 4 days ago: Love it love it!  I am so envious that you can wear the shoes!!! The Costa Rican women are incredibly elegant in their shoes 24/7 – no matter their circumstances or the day, the shoes say it all.  Keep on being that inspiration!!!

Eli W wrote 4 days ago: So if I ever bring another suitcase down is it gonna be stuffed with stilettos instead of plastic flamingos??

Rhonda Albom wrote 4 days ago: Wonderful. I love your sense of humor, and your advice. I think I might stand alone on this one, but I love my crocs and don’t find them ugly 🙂  As for heels, stilettos, or any kind, they are not for me. I guess if I ever make it there, I will just stay with the other gringos in flats.   Thanks for commenting on my post, otherwise I may not have found you.

Eric Mello wrote 4 days ago: Great blog! Maybe there’s a flip flop-stiletto to be made? It could be the next urban sombrero. Pura Vida!

Sara B wrote 4 days ago: I was in stitches. Carole, you have a great way of entertaining with words and visuals. I just pictured a woman walking in the shoes from each category. It was a respite of fun.

I Am Trendy wrote 4 days ago: Shoes? I mean Choos? You wrote an expat blog about choos. Well, of course, you did. You’ve always been a shoe girl. I swear, you’ll be wearing stilettos when you’re 90. And doing the salsa. You and Tina Turner. You go, girl! Nice blog.

Somewhere In Costa Rica wrote 4 days ago: I’m an expat living in Grecia, and I can’t believe the ladies who wear the stilettos on the uneven streets and sidewalks. I suppose, if you want to fit in, you wear them, too. Not me. And you, Carole Jean will never pass for tica, in or out of stilettos.  I like your style and sense of humor! Or are you not joking about wearing stilettos? Good luck in the contest!

Richard V. wrote 4 days ago: I keep telling my wife that flip flops are the WORST things she could put her feet. Stilettos? Second worst. But darnit, the women in stilettos always turn a guy’s head. And it’s not always the shoes, but they help.

Duncan Phyfe wrote 4 days ago: Bazinga!  Glad you didn’t recommend bare feet. I cringe when I hear or see somebody traipsing around in their bare feet… even at the beach there are critters that can give you a painful sting. Hope you win.

Tina Newton wrote 3 days ago: Right on, Carole!  So funny, but so, so true!  Next, I want to see your comments on salsa-ing in those stilletos!  Maybe we should try it in class….

Judi wrote 3 days ago: Hi, fellow Atenas lady.  My high heels were retired when I retired from EDS in Washington, D.C. (1987). My grandson calls me GaGa, so now I know one thing Lady GaGa and I have in common… Fractured bones, however, mine happened wearing Crocs.  Too funny.

Pura Vida! wrote 3 days ago: Carole writes the best ex-pat blog in THE UNIVERSE! Always fun, light, and entertaining, she weaves essential information in at the same time. Keep ’em coming, girl! 20501 wrote 3 days ago: Pretty much everything has been said, so I’ll just add my “you can say that again” to the long list of comments. You struck a nerve it seems.

Katy King wrote 3 days ago: Carol, You make the whole experience seem like a great life adventure that I want to share with you. You take all of us along on your daily journey and we all talk about it among ourselves. How and what you are doing and where and what you are up to! So much fun. Katyhttp://www.expatsblog.com/images/blog-award-2013-entry-150.jpg

Lorna Honecker wrote 3 days ago: Carole’s writing is a delight to read! Entertaining, informative and humorous. She ought to write of the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, glass she write at also that we can be the beneficiary of her musings. Hope she wins….it would be well deserved!!

Ryan wrote 3 days ago: This is some good knowledge for a Costa Rica trip! Thanks.

Nancy wrote 3 days ago: Carole, I too am a long lost Brooklyn girl!  An expat of sorts myself – plucked from my cozy Brooklyn neighborhood and dropped in the trenches of suburbia!  Somewhere along the way – kids playing dress up, field trips, or worst yet, indifference, my stilettos are nowhere to be found! But if you think stilettos are the number one shoe to bring to Costa Rica, well then, I will go out and buy another pair and give them a whirl.  How hard can it be. . . right?

Lucas E.  Rivera wrote 3 days ago: This is a very interesting site.  I agree the selection of the shoes are very important here.  I would bring more running shoes,  specially trail running shoes.  My feet will be very happy.

Suzanne See Tai wrote 3 days ago: Carole’s blogs reflect her fun-loving, adventurous personality so well. They’re interesting, light-hearted, and she finds the adventure in every experience.

Priscilla wrote 3 days ago: Being a shoe girl myself, I agree. When I travel, I pack 2 outfits, all black, and a dozen pairs of shoes! Shoes make the woman. Love your blog. Keep them coming!

Shirley Lowes wrote 2 days ago: This blogger, Carol has a beautifully funny way of noticing and commenting on the regular and irregular events we see every day here in Costa Rica. Keep it going Carole! –

That’s it for now, readers. You have inspired me to write, write, write! Thank you!

One thought on “Published comments!

  1. Wow what a following you have … I’m envious and want to know how you did it, besides your great writing and scene setting … I need a blog/Facebook mentor …

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your HUSband … my SE (Significant Equal) and I will be gladly home alone in Aromas as close to Costa Rica as we can get .. Pool 296 Blohm.JPG

    Hopw you can see this, it’s out my bedroomd door ..

    On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 10:30 AM, Carole Jean’s Capers wrote:

    > CaroleJean’sCapers@wordpress.com posted: “These were so much fun to > read, I had to share them all! If yours did NOT get published (due to a > variety of reasons), please email to me, caroleconnolly@gmail.com, and I > will post them here! Thank you all so much. I cherish each and every one. > “


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