Boomer Memoir

Geography Lesson and Memory

Good Morning Readers!

I am ecstatic to have you in my life. We bloggers are nothing without readers. I appreciate each and every one of you. Love the comments and interaction, too. A dear friend and faithful reader took a moment out of her day where she is traveling in Tel-Aviv, to chide me, lovingly, of course, about my mistake in the previous post.

For those of you in the know – you already know, Delancey Street is NOT in Brooklyn; it’s on the Lower East side of Manhattan. Grandma lived in Williamsburg and we took the subway to Manhattan just over the Williamsburg bridge. I just wanted to post this now before my mother sees the post and calls me to tell me the same thing … lovingly, of course!

Memoir is like that;  an account of the personal experiences of the author. I’m thrilled to say I now remember where Delancey Street is! I say we call it a “Boomer” moment! Keep the comments coming.

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