Boomer Memoir

Costa Rica Capers Plus!


The kids are grown, the cat’s out of the bag, and the stories must be told! As one of our TIA captains used to say: “Hang on to your panty-hose, we’re taking off!” Carole Jean’s Capers covers Costa Rica adventures as an expat, as well as stories from childhood growing up in a Brooklyn housing project, crazy airline stories from the 70s, California and Florida real estate agent stories, single parenting in Santa Cruz stories, dog stories – well, you get the idea. It will be all-over-the-map and navigated “by-the-seat-of-my-pants”.

In addition to blogging, I am working on a book. Well, really I’m working on more than one book. The first and foremost is titled: “It’s the Parsley”, which is a cookbook for my son’s wedding, coming up in 2014. Every recipe will have a family story; some from Tyler’s bunch and some from his lovely fiancé, Colette’s family. I’m having a blast cooking, documenting, and photographing some of the dishes. Some, but not all, will appear on this blog.

 Now, I ask you, which book should I complete next?

  • Sixth Time’s the Charm (about my marriages)
  • Tales From Table 66 … and other Shadowbrook stories (about a restaurant in Capitola, California)
  • By the Seat of My Pants (Memoir including childhood in NY and crazy family stories)
  • TIA – a Family of Friends (Charter airline stories in the 70s of adventures world-wide)
  • My life as an Expat in Costa Rica

I was going to start a new blog titled: “Ziplining in Stilettos”, but on the advice of a respected advisor, decided to just keep one blog and include a wide variety of material; hence, the name: Carole Jean’s Capers.

Comments are always welcome. Thank you for reading, encouraging, and keeping me accountable. I promise to get the  never-to-be-duplicated stories on paper before they fade from existence.

10 thoughts on “Costa Rica Capers Plus!

  1. You go girl! Good writing is a gift to be shared, and your stories are delightful and engaging. You make me feel like I’m there. Looking forward to the next chapter.



  2. Thanks, Geni. You bring out a lot of the old memories. And whoo-boy, we’ve got some doozies, you and I! Remember the monkey in Monterey? I have that photo somewhere. Maybe I’ll dig it out, scan it and do a piece on Howlers versus Hustlers! That little guy grabbed all the money and ran.


  3. I’ll read whatever you write, whenever you write it! All of your book concepts sound enticing but the By The Seat of My Pants re: your growing up in the Broncs peaks my interest. Just keep pen to paper and know that you are keeping all of entertained and enlightened!


  4. YOU my sista dear are one clever cookie cutter! I LOVE your writing and I never knew you were so very imaginative with your photos and ideas! God bless you YOU are really
    amazing! I am very tickelled about your stories every single one of them believe me!
    Carole You are a great sista and I love you so much! You are a great inspiration to the
    whole family and we are all so lucky to be a part of your talent beauty and love! Thank-you so…. Love you beautiful sista! May your days with your hubby be filled with
    paradise and love forever! xo hugs sista sue


  5. CJ I apologize for my comment above. too much jd and my own history influencing my obviously thoughtless comments. I was enjoying reading some of your posts and opened my big mouth w/o thinking. please erase above if possible. if not please forgive me.


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