Costa Rica

Cabernet Sauvignon – The life it saves could be your own!

Isa and Howard were grateful for the airport pick-up.  Their friend and neighbor, Cameron, had delivered them to Juan Santamaria Airport in Alajuela two weeks prior, for a visit to the states. On the return to Costa Rica, they stopped at the Duty Free and purchased  a fine bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon as a token of appreciation.

The trio chatted amiably on the way back to Lomas del Paraiso and arrived at the gate about 11:00 p.m. As Cam and Howard unloaded the luggage from the back section of the Galloper, a popular SUV in Costa Rica, due to its reliability as 4-wheel drive vehicle with high clearance, and availability of replacement parts, Howard said over his shoulder: “Thanks Cameron! There’s a bottle of cab on the back seat for you and Diane. Enjoy!

Cameron, whose normal bedtime is 8:30 p.m. was tired and ready for sleep. His mind was not on what he was about to find in his carport.

As he pulled into his parking space, his eyes focused on the tennis ball that hangs from the ceiling. When it just touches the windshield, the car is in the right spot. Even for a tall guy like Cameron, it’s hard to see past the Galloper’s huge hood.

After parking, he reached back to pick up the bottle of wine Howard and Isa left. It was just out of reach. He exited the car, leaving the driver’s door ajar. As he reached for the rear passenger door handle, ready to grab the bottle from the back seat, he heard the furious rasping of the fer-de-lance AKA terciopelo. It was huge! At least 6 feet long, with it’s triangular head the size of a Green Bay Packer fan’s hat – only this head was NOT made of cheese. Being trapped under the left front tire did nothing to slow his snapping jaw. Fangs bared, he thrashed in the air, snapping at everything within his radius including the tire.

Cameron, who was dressed in shorts and flip flops, would have stepped directly into the path of the livid reptile. Thanks to that bottle of wine on the back seat, Cameron lived to sip another fine red!


This is yet another reminder to watch your step and arm yourself with a bottle of wine!

Blogging in the jungle

20 thoughts on “Cabernet Sauvignon – The life it saves could be your own!

  1. Them fer de lance’s are very frightening! You are fearless! and that’s really good the bottle of wine did actually save his life! OMG!


  2. Hmmm I am having my doubts for your safety..snakes, rats and robbers!!! Oiyee. Now did he run over that snake???Looks like the snake is stuck under the back tire. Miss you lots!


  3. yup, ran over the snake…didn’t know it til he turned back from getting the bottle of wine, otherwise, he would have walked right into it!


  4. that is a scary story, I like spiders, but snakes is another matter………another amazing story, keep them coming, girl, they make my day and share them with friends, here in ‘sleepy’ quiet Gualala. the most that happens here…..big fish or huge abalones.


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