Costa Rica



A Rainy Afternoon in Roca Verde


She shouted across the table, “Pass the salt, please.”

He mouthed “What?”

“The salt. Pass the salt.”

The rain was steadily pounding on the metal roof, like an endless stream of machine-gun fire.  It had been raining for three days. The green season in Costa Rica was like that. She leaned forward in her chair, reached across the table, and snatched the salt shaker before her forward momentum peaked and she rocked back in her seat empty handed.

“Oh,” he said. “The salt. I thought you said something was my fault.”

The sound of the large tropical drops echoed and magnified in the cavernous living room. It sounded like bacon frying in a giant hot skillet. If he focused on her mouth, perhaps he could read her lips and watch her gestures to figure out what she was saying. It would rain for the entire month of October, and it was only the third. At least the jungle would be a vibrant emerald and the flowers would be brilliant. They could enjoy the view and not have to talk. And that was fine with him.

Blogging in the jungle

13 thoughts on “Rain

  1. OK, now THIS is a really great piece of writing, Bubbi. It is a thorough, deeply felt and has perfect dialogue. Oh, and I get it because of that kind of rain, but anyone can read this and feel you there in the jungle. Rain pounding. Quiet at home. xxx


  2. Omg Carole – here is what it reminded me of – do you remember when you and I met with Lauren and Tyler (he was 11) in San Francisco at some noisy indoor location? Maybe an aquarium? And I kept having to shout over the noise that “Ken died”. And you kept thinking I said something else. And when we both realized what was actually said, we sort of laughed in spite of the bad news. Anyway, love the above story.


  3. dear Carole…..   You have turned out to be one great WRITER! Be proud of YOU! You are very witty and imaginative and look oh so pretty in the  tropical beautiful jungle with your Tarzan… You really “lucked” out But it wasn’t really luck it was all of your hard work and effort you put into this LIFE that YOU are now REEPING! It all comes back! And You Found true PEACE & LOVE! You trully deserve it! I am very proud and happy for  what you have accomplished! Now you can REVEL in your riches and happiness!   Congradulations sista! XO  (Just your Howler monkey sista SINGER!) 



  4. A phone call between our houses in Costa Rica if it is raining in both places is even worse. Not only can you not hear, but there are no lips to read.


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