Costa Rica

Costa Rican Burglar Alarm!

Costa Rican Burglar Alarm!

Just me and our new dog, Toby! Atenas is a relatively safe area, but! I still want my “alarm system” in place. The visiting dogs, Turner and Hootch, put up a fuss when we brought new dog home yesterday, but as everybody knows, they are not our dogs! Actually, they were for a couple of months, but the owner decided to reclaim them now that they are all fat and healthy. They pretty much visit our house all the time, but they are not our dogs. I’m happy to say that after only one day of scuffling, Toby is declared the alpha! I’m getting ready to post the sign; Danger. Mean dogs. Truth be told, they fall all over each other trying to get in my lap! I hope none of the robbers are reading this!

9 thoughts on “Costa Rican Burglar Alarm!

  1. I love the fact that my Golden Retriever Casey “talks” to everyone that visits me. Strangers are never sure of her meaning so then I pretend it’s “mean spirited”, and proceed to take her and Bailey out on the porch to protect my stranger (repair person or whatever), to prove my point. Friends and family knows the difference.


  2. Congratulations on your new dog. He looks like a real sweetie. Nice

    Nice Alterman APDO 154 Bocas de Nosara GTE 50206 Costa Rica


  3. WOW! My sista is living THE LIFE of RILEY! A revolting development it is NOT! YOU
    are so hysterical ! Your doggies are sooooooo NEAT! Like YOU! Blessings always
    sista XO


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