Costa Rica

Two Feet From a Toucan!

Keel-billed toucan from stock

Keel-billed toucan  (stock photo)

I’m not a birder. When I think of “birders”, the image of that lady on the Bob Cummings Show comes to mind. She wore a funny hat, actually I think it was a pith helmet, and maybe had a whistle around her neck. She was kind of geeky, which today is considered cool. Yeah, that’s it: geeky is the new cool.

While taking my morning walk through the steep hills of Roca Verde with my two visiting dogs, Turner, the Brazialian Mastiff, and Hootch, the white American Stanforn (pitbull), I stopped at the top of the steepest hill, which is nick-named “The Matterhorn”, to catch my breath. I’m surprised at how quiet my two canine companions get after a trek up The Matterhorn. The three of us stood under a tree panting. I felt an energy to my left, and turned my head in that direction. Two feet from my shoulder was a lone toucan. He sat still for a moment, the dogs remained quiet focused on breathing, I gasped which broke the spell and the bird took off.

I’ve seen flocks of green parrots squawking their way over hill and dale in the neighborhood, I’ve seen ten scarlet macaws in the tree in my front yard in Esterillos, I’ve seen the beautiful Motmot with his long skinny swinging tail, while walking in Nosara, but I’ve never been two feet from a toucan in the wild; well it’s a gated community, not all that wild. It makes me want to get myself a birder hat and walk around with a color chart of the native species. You just never know when one of Mother Nature’s creatures will surprise you. And no, I did not take the photo of the toucan; I borrowed it from stock. The only photo I was able to snap was the one that shall remain in my memory and the feeling of peace and joy it brought me.

Look around. Maybe there will be a surprise at your shoulder when you least expect it!

7 thoughts on “Two Feet From a Toucan!

  1. Well done Carol – a lovely example of the surprise the bountiful nature of CR always has in store for us…and how it remains in the mind’s eye.


  2. You darling girl!!! I received my CDs from Doug and just love listening to them.. They bring back so any fun memories of our youth. Oh the good times we had. Thought they would ever end”……isn’t there a song like that?????

    Just got back from England after a months trip to visit my Mother and loads of friends. Had an amazing time as always. Marisa was with me for the first 2 weeks and we ran away to Italy together and visited the Amalfi coast and Capri. We had such a relaxing and Funtime. We both needed that special Mother/Daughter time together which is such a rare thing these days.

    Also,one of my friends took us to see the musical. “Book of Mormon” and wow was that ever a rude and irreverent show. I’m no prude, but I was quite shocked by it, but it’s a winner and is widely acclaimed.

    Now I am home for a few days and trying to unpack, do laundry and pay Bills before we set off on Thursday for New Mexico and the Ballooon festival. It will be great fun, but I. A little tired. Keep having to remind myself that I am not. 35 anymore.

    Loved all your caper stories. They are truly amusing. one thing about us, we do. Not lead boring lives!!!!

    Thank you again for my great gift. it made me smile.

    Miss you and wish we lived closer. Hope you and your lovely Don are enjoying yur adventures.

    All love. Linda

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