Costa Rica

Can’t resist a bargain?

Can't resist a bargain?

Neither can I! Friday is Feria Day (Farmer’s Market) in Atenas. Costa Rica is indeed rich in resources. When it comes to the Farmer’s Market, the fresh produce is beyond compare. I went there specifically for a papaya. I came home with a bagful for one thousand colones ($2). They look beautiful in the Annie Glass dish as well taste divine. I love papaya with a little fresh lime juice squeezed over it. Fortunately, Turner and Hootch aka Peter and Sosa, the visiting dogs, also like papaya. Can you believe it? Dogs that like papaya? Only thing is, they prefer it without the lime. Picky, picky, picky. Come onna my house – I geeve you papaya!

5 thoughts on “Can’t resist a bargain?

  1. Beautiful photo! Love your Annie Glass! I have a piece with a peacock feather etched in the glass! Hope all is well! Debbie

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  2. I am delighted you still have some Annie Glass!!Love Iris–right now in Commack–hoping to get by the Smithtown bull to give it a rub for you.


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