Costa Rica

No Rats, No Robbers

Los Suenos Pool

Los Suenos Pool

Don and I just spent an amazing couple of days at the Los Suenos Marriott with dear friends who came to Costa Rica for a destination wedding. Lucky us; we got to tag along, at least for the informal pre-wedding gatherings.

Linda and I flew for TIA (Trans International Airlines) way back when. After leaving the airline, we both married, had kids, acquired dogs, and ended up living on the same street in San Mateo, California. Linda and Bill moved to Lake Havasu where Bill, an orthopedic surgeon, had a medical opportunity. Linda, never one to be bored or boring, became the mayor of Havasu City, and then moved on become State Senator, followed by two terms in the House of Representatives.

With all the reminiscing and re-hashing of TIA tales, Linda inspired me to pick up the pace on the book; “By the Seat of My Pants”.

Meanwhile, we luxuriated at the hotel, sipped Chi-chis under beach umbrellas, merrily glided through the perfect water in the exquisite pool, complete with bridges, waterfalls, and lush tropical landscaping where giant iguanas and chatty birds hung out.  We dined at fancy restaurants, got waited on by polite, efficient wait-staff, and browsed the boutiques. We walked to the Marina, enjoyed seeing the gorgeous yachts, and stopped at a café for cappuccino and blueberry cheesecake. It felt more like we were in San Francisco than Costa Rica. The baguettes, unlike the bread we normally find in the local bakeries, were so enticing, we bought one just because. Being baguette deprived, I ate half of it on the walk back to the hotel. The afternoon rain started and Linda tucked the bread into her shirt, opened her umbrella, and offered me space under it with her. I declined preferring that she protect the bread while I got rained upon – priorities!

I took four baths in two days. Don and I received the royal treatment in our quarters which was almost as large as our entire casita in Atenas. As much as I enjoy living in Roca Verde, and am grateful for the peace and tranquility, I do miss having a bathtub.

I did not see one rat or one robber. Once behind the gates of Los Suenos, it’s a safe bet that all the rats and robbers got the memo to leave the guests alone.

Speaking of … Rats and Robbers part 6 is on the way; however, the story has taken on a life of its own; it has been pointed out to me that in taking poetic license, I have spun parts to the point of it becoming fiction. Names have been changed to protect the innocent!

5 thoughts on “No Rats, No Robbers

  1. Carole – I think I hung out with you and Linda one day a zillion years ago. Wasn’t her name Linda Lavene or something along those lines? All three of us were doing something together and a guy made a comment on all three of our names sounding like we were in a movie. A vague memory now. Nice to hear she has done well and that you two are still connected!


  2. Happy to know you are being pampered and are now able to rest….you deserve it!!! Glad you ran into Linda!! More later. Hugs, Nita


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